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  1. gijohn40

    Labor Day

    I just had to drop out You should call tomorrow and request the Metal Masher trail on monday with Brett Davis. I also had where eagles dare on saturday.. I pretty sure they would love you taking those for them.
  2. gijohn40

    Work screw ups...

    over near Lyman some idiots where out 4wheeling in the farmers mud field and got stuck... they found one of our handhold and pulled the coiled up fiber out and hooked their winch to it... ended up pulling out 300ft of fiber that feed all of Evanston and Kemmerer. Took 12 hours to splice all 144...
  3. gijohn40

    Personal GPS or SAT Trackers (or APRS options) talk

    if you want to try aprs you can get the aprs-droid app and it can be used by itself to send packets out thru the cell phone. so if you have cell coverage it will show where you are.
  4. gijohn40

    Personal GPS or SAT Trackers (or APRS options) talk

    Aprs is a good thing but the fact that allot of places in the back country your ham radio isn't going to be able to reach a repeater. I'm working on one for Medicine butte up in Evanston that should be able to reach south into the mirror lake highway area and help fill in for the one up by bear...
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    I haven't read all this post and pretty much dont think I will... but had to say that I have two different technicians that were vaccinated that caught covid19 last week. one in Cheyenne and on in Jackson... I am not sure which vaccine they got and it would be interesting to find out. It...
  6. gijohn40

    Jeep LJ

    I loved my but seemed to break every joint on it. Ilean redid my front end with heavy duty parts and the knuckles off a 04 wj which gave me dual piston calipers You could put someone thru the windshield braking hard! I had to replace all the brackets on the rear axle (shock mounts, trackbar...
  7. gijohn40

    Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?

    maybe he is throwing in the wife along with the truck bed....
  8. gijohn40

    Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?

    Maybe he has 15k stashed in that hole in the seat... and have you priced Duratrax lately?
  9. gijohn40

    Ac to dc converter

    how about a picture or drawing of whatever your talking about.... usually if your going from AC to DC then its a power supply. going from DC to AC is an inverter.
  10. gijohn40

    I blame Greg's Crew

  11. gijohn40

    Wind River Mts. in Wyoming

    I was just up there today and stopped at the Den in Daniel and it was great food! However the smoke up there was terrible! the visibility was very limited and they are forcasting the shift in winds to blow the smoke to the north which means that area will be hit hard!
  12. gijohn40

    Is it ok to have a "make light of" thread?

    Here I thought this was Cody's now portable bar.... only good for 2 singles on first date!
  13. gijohn40

    Poorly explain what you do for a living

    these describe my job pretty badly...
  14. gijohn40

    Search Underway For $10K Treasure Hidden In Utah Wilderness

    according to the guy he lucked out and found it... said there was a plaque with a pick and axe on it... the emerald part was probably the golf course.
  15. gijohn40

    How messed up is messed up?

    that was you on the beach with kate? I was so jealous and stormed off cause she told me we could hang that day....
  16. gijohn40

    Search Underway For $10K Treasure Hidden In Utah Wilderness

    black bird clicks... maybe a mechanical device like a clock...
  17. gijohn40

    Champion Generators?

    I had a 3500Peak unit and it was a solid runner... started on first pull every time. but like has been mentioned it was loud. It had a 4 gallon tank that would run all day. I bought it off a guy in the air force that was leaving post and didn't have room for it. I looked at the dual 2kw...
  18. gijohn40

    Jeep Helping a friend with a 48 CJ

    I have an 85 CJ7 that has the wide track axles I am in the process of moving up to wagoneer 44's. The cj has a dana 30 front and 44 in the rear currently. Not sure if this would work for your narrow track cj.
  19. gijohn40

    Staying in a camper/trailer for a week+ at a time.

    I agree with the equalizer hitch... as you can see from my pictures it helped allot with my jeeps! My trailer weighed in around 3500lb with a full tank of water (36gal) that was right up front of the trailer. I found that I would have to drain the tanks (gray mostly) about every 3-4 days...
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    Found this sweet rig in Afton, Wy