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  1. Stephen

    Happy Constitution Day

    On September 17, 1787 — 234 years ago today — the delegates to the constitutional convention who had approved the final document signed it and sent it on its way toward ratification. In case you've failed to read the Constitution in the intervening years, today is a great day to do that...
  2. Stephen

    Pat Bagley is a Moron

    I mean, we already knew that; but this particular cartoon really annoyed me: From the mind of someone who knows nothing of the issues, lets turn ALL THE LANDS INTO THEME PARKS... FOR NATURE!
  3. Stephen

    Overland Expo Mountain West

    Anyone going? Lodestone Events (company that puts OX on) contracted me for all their IT a while ago so I'll be there working, but if there are RME'rs around love to grab a beer.
  4. Stephen

    For Sale Fresh Sod! $100 [OBO]

    My parents put in new sod today and they have 430sq ft left. This is fresh sod from Raft River delivered this morning, so quality stuff. They want it gone ASAP! Asking $100 OBO! Located in East Millcreek. PM, text or call (eight0one)9one8-zero9three3.
  5. Stephen

    Trip Report RME March Pony Express Trip Video

    My brother in-law got the video he made of our trip to me today. Doesn't seem to be a way to embed it directly, so follow the link! RME March Pony Express Trip Video
  6. Stephen

    For Sale 1994 Isuzu Trooper [$3500 OBO]

    Have you been yearning for the outdoors? Longing to get into the overlanding scene but been told that the only way you can do it is with a Toyota? Have you been shopping for a Toyota but concluded that taking out a second mortgage to buy a 30-year-old Land Cruiser with 300,000 on the clock just...
  7. Stephen

    Daring The Darien

    GM promotional video from 1961 of three Corvair's and two support trucks driving through the Darien Gap.
  8. Stephen

    For Sale 265/70/18 Ironman All Country AT's (Set of 4)

    For sale is a set of four (4) 265/70/18 Ironman All Country AT's. They have 7/32's of tread left. Asking $100 OBO. PM or text 8o1-9oneeight-09three3
  9. Stephen

    Blue Castle Project (Green River Nuclear Power Plant)

    For those that are unfamiliar, this is the proposed nuclear power reactor project west of Green River. Its been a few years since I've heard anything about this. Last I heard was that they had secured their water rights and were looking to start construction in 2023 and operation by 2028. Anyone...
  10. Stephen

    RME March Trip - Pony Express Trail

    What: A quick day trip out along one of Utah's most historic trails. We'll be stopping at points of interest along the way, including but not limited to, Simpson Springs, Fish Springs, the Callao CCC Camp, and Gold Hill. When: March 13th, 2021 @ 8:00am Where: Staging area just west of UT-36...
  11. Stephen

    Trip Report 2020: A Retrospective

    History will likely record 2020 as an annus horribilis for the world writ large. For me, though, it’s been an oddly good year. In the tradition of RME years gone by, I figured I’d offer up a photographic retrospective. While I got married on New Year’s Eve 2019, we didn’t leave the building...
  12. Stephen


    So the world is a flaming pile right now, so lets refocus ourselves on the important things in life; like whiskey (or whisky). I cut my teeth on Jack Daniels like all stupid college kids. But these days I'm more partial to rye's than bourbons. My go to is High West Rendezvous Rye, but that $65...
  13. Stephen

    Battery Operated Portable Air Compressors

    I have yet to mount my ARB CKMA12 compressor that I pulled out of the Trooper into the Patrol. This weekend's trip I aired my tires down knowing that someone on the trail would happily lend me their compressor or I'd find a service station before I hit the highway. @TEAM FRED had his DeWalt...
  14. Stephen

    Wilderness First Aid Courses

    I've been contemplating taking a Wilderness First Aid course. Looks like there are a couple option out there offered through either AdventureMed or NOLS. Anyone taken one? Have a recommendation?
  15. Stephen

    For Sale 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i $3,200 [OBO]

    Looking for a great commuter car? Something for the kids to get to school in? Or maybe you just want to get ahold of that legendary Subaru All-Wheel Drive to conquer the coming winter with ease! Whatever the reason, look no further. For sale is a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i with 171,xxx miles on...
  16. Stephen

    Stephen's 2017 Nissan Patrol err… Armada

    Stephen's 2017 Nissan Patrol err… Armada Engine: Nissan VK56VD 5.6L V8 Transmission: Stock 7-Speed Automatic Transfer Case: Stock Front Axle: Stock Rear Axle: Stock Suspension: Front: OME 2978 springs, OME 90015 struts, SPC 25560 upper control arms Rear: OME 2986 Springs, OME 60084 shocks...
  17. Stephen


    I just read an article about firefighters on 9/11... damn. It seems like just yesterday that I was asleep in my dorm room at the U when the phone rang and my friend Scott just said, "They've attacked the Pentagon." I quite literally fell out of bed, turned on the TV just in time to watch the...
  18. Stephen

    F-117A Now at HIll Aerospace Museum Super excited about this! I saw the YF-117A at the National Museum of the Air Force and back in the day saw a production Nighthawk at one of the airshows at HAFB.
  19. Stephen

    Airbnb's Project Lighthouse

    I've used Airbnb a ton over the years. I can't say it really saved me a bunch of money vs. hotels, but it was a useful tool to get a decent place to stay usually a bit closer to where I wanted to be (the beach, a racetrack, etc.). This morning I got this e-mail: Now that just kinda freaks me...
  20. Stephen

    OBDII Scanner Recommendations

    Whenever I've had a car throw a CEL, I generally just "rent" a scanner from the local parts store, get the code, resolve the problem, go back to the parts store and clear the code. My wife's car has thrown a couple of codes recently, and my auto shop teacher friend lent me his very fancy scanner...