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  1. Bart

    For Sale 2 piece 5on5 to 8on6.5 wheel adapters

    I used these on the rear of JK with the semi float CRD60 but no longer need them with the full float. They are aircraft aluminum and were fairly expensive when I bought them a 18 months ago. $100 obo, and located in Orem.
  2. Bart

    Trip Report Quick Trip to Vernal

    I have missed out on the Vernal Rock Rally the past couple of years and pretty bummed out about it because I haven't wheeled there since the competition days in the early 2000s. Luckily I have a good friend Matt (UPNO4 here with the silver stretched LJ) who has been there twice this year. We...
  3. Bart

    Steering Woes 2002 DMax

    For the last few months I've had a peculiar steering problem on my 2002 2500HD., and it is more noticeable when towing. When turning right at speeds over, say, 45 mph, the steering will wander, almost like it's in a turn, and then lets go a bit. It's easy to control, but it's just not right. I...
  4. Bart

    EJS 2021 is ON

    I thought I'd start a new thread to show that the event is actually on and going to happen as planned. Hope to see some of you there. The trails that I'm working are: opening Saturday: Hell's Revenge - leading Sunday: Gold Bar Rim - gunning Tuesday: Golden Spike - gunning Thursday: Metal Masher...
  5. Bart

    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Just a reminder for those that are tired of weather, health, and politics, the Winter 4x4 Jamboree is happening at Sand Hollow next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm gunning the Maze on Thursday, Plan B on Friday, and leading Double Sammy on Saturday. I hear there are still trails open for...
  6. Bart

    Jeepsterish Buggy

    I've been thinking about this project for years, and had a plan to start this when I retired in 3 years. That timeframe accelerated when the Jeep part of the project fell into my lap and the price was too good to pass up. The first part of this build will probably take a year or two and will be...
  7. Bart

    Wanted Early JK stock fender flares

    FOUND - I'm in search for a set of stock flares for my 2007 JK. I've seen them from time to time on KSL and wonder if anyone has a set kicking around.
  8. Bart

    Armor Coatings Contact

    Is there a contact for Armor Coatings on here????
  9. Bart

    Trip Report Post W4x4J

    I couldn't make the Winter 4x4 Jamboree this year, for the first time in many years, but a small group of us decided to take advantage of the MLK weekend and head down to Sand Hollow on Saturday. Matt (upno4) had just finished an incredible build on his LJ, and built his son's (Jake) LJ with his...
  10. Bart

    For Sale Fox 2.0 rear shocks Jeep JKUR 3" Lift

    I have a set of Fox 2.0 rear shocks that fit a JKUR with a 3" lift. I added additional lift and they were too short for my application. They have about 12,000 miles on them. $150 obo
  11. Bart

    For Sale Full Traction JK Adjustable Control Arms

    I pulled these off my 07 JKU when I upgraded to a long arm kit. I'm impressed with how heavy duty they are, but they are in bad need of cleaning and new bushings. Asking $100 but open to offers. I would rather see someone get them that doesn't mind a bit of work to have them than go to the metal...
  12. Bart

    Wanted BFG 39" Tire

    I'm looking for a spare for my JKUR and would like to find any kind of a BFG, as long as it's not a sticky. Would prefer a Crawler or KM2.
  13. Bart

    For Sale TeraFlex JK Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier

    For sale is a well built TeraFlex rear bumper with tire carrier, hi lift jack mount, and cb antenna mount built in. Extremely well built. This came on my 07 but should fit most JKs. $450. Located in Orem.
  14. Bart

    For Sale 13 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Cell and Skid Plate

    SOLD This is the aux fuel cell that came in my 2007 JKUR. It comes with a fuel level sending unit, fuel gauge, and transfer pump. There must be a use for it somewhere out there. Price dropped to $20. Located in Orem.
  15. Bart

    Wanted Hitch Rack

    Looking for a rack built well enough to hold a generator on hitch behind my 5th wheel.
  16. Bart

    Brake Light and Alarm 07 JKUR

    I'm still acclimating to the new 07 JKUR and loving it more as I put miles on it. In Moab last week when I would drop down something very steep it would set off the brake light and alarm, and then it would go away a bit later. The pads and rotors aren't that bad and it has fluid. Any idea? The...
  17. Bart

    99 to 04 Superduty 60 Measurement

    If any of you 99 to 04 Superduty owners have a front tire off, would you mind measuring from the middle of the top ball joint to the wheel mounting surface? Need it for a front axle project I'm working on. Thanks Bart
  18. Bart

    For Sale Set of 5 35 x 12.50 x 17 BFG KM2s on stock JK wheels

    I have a set of set of 5 35 x 12.50 x 17 BFG KM2s on stock JK wheels that I just took off my new purchase. The tires have been rotated regularly and run down the road nicely. They all have more than 50% tread and the spare has more tread and was not in the rotation. The wheel in the picture is...
  19. Bart

    Wanted JK license plate holder

    Looking for a stock early JK license plate holder.
  20. Bart

    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    Many of you know that I sold my beloved CYJ last week and started down a new path for wheeling. I've reached the point in life where I wanted something more comfortable to wheel and really wanted to drive a Jeep around town again. Also wanted to do some scenic stuff and have a trip to Silverton...