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  1. Corban_White

    I've heard there were big spiders...

    If I've learned anything from your builds, it's to take the paint estimate (both time and cost) and multiply by 20 to even get into the ballpark. Looks nice!
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I've been busy and haven't had time to post. These are from the last week:
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    I'll probably be selling my stumpjumper if my Fezzari ever shows up (was supposed to be here the beginning of July. Every time I check on it its scheduled for 2 more weeks). :mad: The earliest it would be for sale is mid October. I don't want to turn this into a for sale thread, let me know if...
  4. Corban_White

    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    Don't save it for me. I moved to central Arizona at the beginning of July. 😉
  5. Corban_White

    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    You must be old and grumpy, 'cause if I still lived close not only would I run that tire, I'd come over and give you actual money for it. 🤣
  6. Corban_White


    I'm totally OK with this kind of approach.... As long as it can also be applied to other high risk factors like smoking, not wearing the "proper" safety gear while participating in __________ activity, simply participating in higher risk activities like skydiving etc, speeding, owning guns...
  7. Corban_White


    Yes. I haven't done it, I just try and use sustained full throttle several times each day to increase the velocity through the intercooler thus (hopefully) pulling the condensation into the engine before it can build up and cause an issue.
  8. Corban_White

    Van conversation

    I'm no help with the roof rack, but the van looks amazing! 😍
  9. Corban_White

    Let’s talk branded titles

    That's pretty much what's happened to me every time I've looked at cars with branded titles. I finally stopped looking at them.
  10. Corban_White

    It's a 🪤

    Me too.
  11. Corban_White

    Your Pic of The Day

  12. Corban_White

    Smoky Sky

    Come on down to AZ!!
  13. Corban_White

    Battery cable crimpers

    I had one of these at the place I used to work and it worked well, but it costs a lot more than the one @anderson750 posted.
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    You aren't a corporate employee, you're a transportation employee! ;)
  15. Corban_White

    Cory builds Jayden a buggy.

    I'll play. GM. :rofl:
  16. Corban_White

    Your Pic of The Day

    I guess the pain must not have made it down here to AZ.
  17. Corban_White

    Your Pic of The Day

    Just another day at the office. @benjy 😜
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    Your Pic of The Day

    The view out my window.
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    Your Pic of The Day

  20. Corban_White

    Wanted Willys cj2a

    Did you sell the Goblin?