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  1. Gravy

    For Sale Super Built Daily Driver TJ

    1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ. 72k original miles. 4.0L inline 6 motor. 5 speed manual trans. 4.5" Teraflex long arm kit. Quick disconnect sway bars. ARB air lockers front and rear. York onboard air compressor and 5 gallon Sunair tank. Atlas II 4.3 tcase. Twin stick. Warn 9000XDi winch. 4.88 gears. 1.5...
  2. Gravy

    My business Grand Opening Interior Design/ Furniture showroom

    Hey guys! My wife & I are throwing a grand opening for our business on Friday! And we'd love to invite you all out! Bring your significant other and family and come enjoy some live music and great food. You can browse our Interior Design Studio and furniture Showroom. We'll have FREE...
  3. Gravy

    How messed up is messed up?

    I need a hand Wellll...this is one doodle I can't undid myself That's messed up. De beaded my tractor's tire. Does anyone have a recommendation of who does mobile tire repair? In Eden? Maybe Les Schwab is Ogden? It a 15.5-38 It basically a 62.5" tall tire on a 38" rim with an inner tube...
  4. Gravy

    Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

    I've got a constantly moving goal post with bikes and my needs/wants change. I started with a 2009 KTM 690 Enduro R which was a great giant dirtbike. That kinda sucked on road. Without the sag set too low and forks stiffened and steering stabilizer full stiff it wandered around on the road and...
  5. Gravy

    Wanted 5x5.5" wheel spacer needed

    I need a 5x5.5" wheel spacer. I only need one (it's for my spare tire carrier) But I'll buy two if anyone has a pair. Hit me up so I don't have to order one from eBay or something.
  6. Gravy

    For Sale Atlas Lathe

    Selling for my neighbor who doesn't really have an online presence. Atlas Lathe. $600 OBO One of the tool holders is cracked but can be repaired or replaced. They still sell parts for these.
  7. Gravy

    For Sale Toyota L52 5 speed manual transmission

    $250 or best offer
  8. Gravy

    Plasma Cut files. *Share here*

    I though we could make a list of useful tools to cut out here. I'll start. This is an adjustable welding square
  9. Gravy

    Wanted 285/70R18 (stock 3/4 ton sizeish) Tires.

    Tow rig needs new tires. Wondering if anyone has some stockish size 81" take-offs from their truck I can buy or trade for before I buy new ones?
  10. Gravy

    For Sale *SOLD* 1976 F150 High Pinion Dana 44 Driver Drop

    SOLD 100% complete and unmolested: including calipers. 1976 Ford F-150 High Pinion driver side drop front axle. 5x5.5" bolt pattern $750 obo It should be 3.55:1 gear ratio (but could possibly be 3.73) (I can pop it open if necessary). As a FYI '76 & '77 are very unique as they are the only...
  11. Gravy

    Wanted Aluminum sheet 53x60

    Has anyone got some aluminum sheet? I need to do a roof for the SXS cage I've built. What thickness is everyone running? Where's the cheapest supplier?
  12. Gravy

    Wanted 1" OD tube needed. ASAP.

    I'm trying to fix @Cascadia SXS and I need to make an inside sleeve a piece of tubing. Has anyone got a piece of 1" OD tube? Any kind really will work. I probably only need 4" or so. Hit me up. I'll drive
  13. Gravy

    Shop air purification

    Sooooo this is one session with the oxy/acyt torch in my shop.... What are you guys using to keep particulate and smoke to an acceptable level??? I most often wear a respirator grinding, sanding or painting but that doesn't clean the air around me. (This is just a box fan with a 20"x20"...
  14. Gravy

    HELP Starter solenoid question

    I need to replace a part on my starter solenoid for my tractor (4x4 with lockers) What is this part called and where should I look for it?
  15. Gravy

    For Sale SOLD Milwaukee Portaband saw

    Milwaukee porta band saw. $100 now $75 $70 for RME SOLD Works great. Has a new blade. These older units are all metal construction and last forever.
  16. Gravy

    For Sale SOLD North Face Denali jacket L

    North Face Denali jacket. Size L. Perfect condition. Maybe worn twice. Paid $200 $100 or best offer North Face sizes are very large. At 5'10" 175lbs apparently I wear a size M.
  17. Gravy

    For Sale 1"x30" belt sander. SOLD

    1"x 30" Central Machinery belt sander / grinder Includes 4 new extra belts: 2- 120 grit, 2- 40 grit. Also includes a new in box angle grinding gauge for sharpening knives, axes, etc... I spent $15 on it. I've only owned this for about a week, I've modified it for tracking, stiffness and to...
  18. Gravy

    For Sale SOLD Sears 4"x36" belt/ disc grinder

    Selling my Sears 4"x36" belt grinder. With 6" disc grinder. $100 firm. I'm including a few extra brand new belts. Works great! And it's loads better (and cheaper) than a cheapo harbor freight garbage.
  19. Gravy

    Kant twist clamps

    I just wanted to share my new favorite tool. Kant Twist clamps. Better than c-clamps because it doesn't twist the material and deeper throat. The jaws have cuts on one side to clamp round or odd shape material. Copper threads/ blocks so weld spatter doesn't stick. And they clamp way harder...
  20. Gravy

    Flandro Metal Works portaband table.

    I just picked up one of these Flandro Metal Works portaband tables yesterday and boy is it handy! I like it much better than the Swag table and at only $100- it was money well spent locally. He even took the time to change the...