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  1. gijohn40

    Jeep Rebuilt AMC 360?

    So just before EJS i bought a AMC360 that the guy told me had been rebuilt. I was in a hurry and gave him the $1200 and he told me he would hold it until I got back... Well I got the engine home and started to tear it down. I pulled the spark plugs and they where all black as night. Once...
  2. gijohn40

    Jeep what brand r&p to use?

    I have a dana44 from a grand wagoneer that I need to change the gear ratio. I'm going with a eaton e-locker and just wanted to know what brand ring and pinion everyone is liking these days.
  3. gijohn40

    For Sale Dana44 driver drop 6 lug from 90 grand wagoneer

    This makes a great axle for those doing a toyota solid axle swap or even a TJ/LJ swap for more strength! I bought it thinking it was a passenger drop and didn't find out until I picked it up. 8oh1 sixseveneight 6968
  4. gijohn40

    Jeep dumb moves...

    So I have been bench racing with Maverik on how to build my CJ7... I decided on going with an AMC 360 with an auto trans mated up with my dana300. Then getting some waggy axles seeing I never plan on going over 37 inch tires... Well today I bought a trans and the axles from a 90 grand...
  5. gijohn40

    Jeep shock indexing???

    On my 2020 JLURD i have been having a popping sound when I go in reverse and then stop and some times while turning. I figured it was the passenger side ball joint seeing the sound was coming from that corner. So with only 21k miles on it if stopped at the jeep dealership in Evanston to have...
  6. gijohn40

    For Sale Jeep stuff for sale cheap

    I have been cleaning out my garage and need to get rid of these parts. MAKE ME AN OFFER Most the parts are for JK except the radiators that are tj/lj they go together as one seeing the aluminum one has a blow out that is fixible. Both the CB radios work. The shelf measures 40x24x4 and has...
  7. gijohn40

    For Sale Jeep 4.5 to 5.5 adapters

    no longer have a jeep that uses 4.5 so need to get rid of these.
  8. gijohn40

    4-5 day trip I would love to do!

    This is up in the rockies in British Columbia and is so gorgeous! I would love to do this trip someday!
  9. gijohn40

    Diesel JLUR

    So one June 5th I put money down and ordered a diesel JLUR with the options I wanted, from Dempsey Bowling (turbominivan). Like Greg and his gladiator this is the first vehicle I have ever bought new! So excited but not after reading about the ecodiesel recall troubles! Most that I read was...
  10. gijohn40


    Has the potato salad hill fund not been updated or are people just not interested in this anymore? Maybe we need to have this run all year so people can contribute year round instead of a short month or two period! This is terrible news to see how no one has contributed. it seem to be getting...
  11. gijohn40

    For Sale 2006 LJ 14K obo

    I know someone wants one of these and I no longer have the need for it!
  12. gijohn40

    4.0 starter troubles

    so recently on my LJ i would turn the key and nothing... I started with battery connections and relays and then the key... everything looks good. I remember seeing people talking about having to smack the starter to get it to work. so I took out the BFH and wacked it a couple times... climbed...
  13. gijohn40

    Calling DAA

    Saw this on Facebook.
  14. gijohn40

    Gear / Accessories great new obd tool. I found this app that does a great job of accessing your JK systems. The app is free but you need to buy a VIN license. they have 3 levels 1vin, 3vin and I can't remember the next level. The single vin is $20 and the 3 vin is $43. I was just playing with this and found...
  15. gijohn40

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    where has the time gone? what are you 28 today?
  16. gijohn40

    Jeep JK brake upgrade ideas?

    So my LJ has the WJ front brakes calipers that stop that beast really quickly even with 35 inch tires! but now I have my JK and its a crapshoot trying to stop that thing and its only on stock tires. So what is everyone doing to upgrade the brakes on the JK? Looking to get drilled and...
  17. gijohn40

    Jeep what lift kit to buy? 2018 JKUR

    Bought a new JKUR and now I need to figure out what lift to put on it. I have looked at a few and they all have some niche item that makes them unique. I looked at the Rough Country 3.5 inch it has brackets that lower the control arms at the frame side to keep the geometry correct. I am not...
  18. gijohn40

    Jeep No start condition.

    So I have been having troubles starting my Jeep LJ, its not every time just once in a while. I replaced the actuator piece and the ignition switch but it still happens. Sometimes I can bang on the steering column and it will start. Any one else ever have this trouble? What did you find was...
  19. gijohn40

    For Sale Sterling 10.25 axle 3.55 gear complete

    I have this axle I took out of my 1991 F250. Its is complete and has drum brakes. Would be a great axle for a buggy or upgrade for others. txt or call 8oh1 sixseveneight 6968 $300 or best offer.
  20. gijohn40

    seriously thinking of selling my LJ....

    With the prices of JK coming down quickly, I seriously have been thinking of selling my LJ and picking up a 4door rubicon. But then I see other LJ's that are not selling or going for way less then they should be. Have I waited to long to sell? doesn't anyone want LJ's anymore?