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  1. Corban_White

    Utahraptor State Park

    Looks like another great free camping area is getting restricted and fees charged. The state just can't stand to see popular camping/recreation areas that they can't regulate and profit from...
  2. Corban_White

    Custom chassis for a wraith.

    Well, I posted a pic in the "what did you work on today" thread, but @jsudar said I need to post a build thread and revive this sub forum, since it hasn't been posted in for over 2 years. So here goes. Backstory: About 8-10 years ago (around the time most of you were loosing interest in RC...
  3. Corban_White

    2006 Xterra off road rear axle parts

    My co-worker has a 2006 Xterra off road package with a manual transmission. It has a Dana M226 rear axle with E-locker and 3.69 gear ratio. Last week he broke a side gear which also stripped the splines on a shaft. We can find the shafts from Nissan (for almost $500!) but no luck with the side...
  4. Corban_White

    The Whole Enchilada bike trip, Columbus day 2019

    I know this is a long ways out, but I'm putting together a Whole Enchilada bike ride for Monday October 14. We are planning to be down there Friday the 11-Monday the 14. We plan to ride TWE on Monday and other trails/hiking/whatever the rest of the time. My wife is planning to shuttle us, if the...
  5. Corban_White

    Kids hydration packs

    What do you use? My kids (6 and 8 years old) both have the camelbak mini mule. It is a great pack but sometimes (mostly for my 8yo boy) it is too small, both in water capacity and jacket/snack capacity. I'm considering the camelbak scout which will fix half the problem but the bladder size could...
  6. Corban_White

    Can't get my 1983 CR480 to run right

    I need some help here. I have a 1983 Honda CR480 that I've had for 17 years. Until a few months ago it hadn't been started since 2005. The last time I rode it in 2005 I was cruising along a smooth road and it suddenly lost all power. It would rev up fine with the clutch pulled in but try to get...
  7. Corban_White

    Leak down tester

    Anyone have a leak down test kit (home made or store bought) that I could borrow? I'm trying to get my old cr480 going again after sitting for 12 years. It starts pretty easily and runs ok but it blubbers a lot. I've dropped the main jet 15 sizes as well as playing with the needle and I just...
  8. Corban_White

    Snowbird and AFC

    I know this stuff has been discussed before here but the following was posted on a snowmobile forum. Most of it will apply to summer use as well. Note the public meeting on Feb 4. The post below is from Protect and Preserve American Fork Canyons Facebook page, those who are not aware can...
  9. Corban_White

    Blew up my 300, need some advice.

    So on Friday I did this: I think the cylinder looks good but I don't have much experience with Nikasil stuff. It looks like all the broken pieces went through the bottom end and up through the transfer ports. I have cleaned them out and the crank feels smooth (I think?). So the...
  10. Corban_White

    KTM 300 question

    All you guys that have had KTM 300s(or other KTMs I imagine), when you remove the factory hand guards what did you use for lever bolts? Just some from the hardware store?
  11. Corban_White

    motor vs engine

    Everyone seems to be the authority on correcting people who call motors engines or vise versa. Also, everyone seems to have their own definition of the two, and since it makes sense to them of course it is right and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. English (along with most languages) is...
  12. Corban_White

    Scout II hardtop parts

    I believe these parts are to repair the lower rails on a scout 2 hardtop. Text or call to come get em. 801-960-54 seven seven.
  13. Corban_White

    Toyota 3.0?

    I have heard some less than flattering things about the 3.0 found in 4Runners and pickups. I am looking to get a new small truck with an extended cab and looking on KSL I have pretty much narrowed it down to a toyota or nissan (somewhere around 1990). Most of the toyotas have the 3.0 v6. Is it...
  14. Corban_White

    Grand Junction peeps

    So, I am looking at a trailer that is for sale in Grand Junction. I was wondering if by chance any of the forum members down in that area would be willing to go get it and bring it up to the area the next time they are headed this way. I would be willing to pay for some gas and I am not in a...
  15. Corban_White


    So, I am currently using Digis for my internet and have been reasonably happy with it. I pay $30 a month for 1.5 Mb down and about 600 Kb up. A few weeks ago a Qwest rep came to the door telling me they had recently upgraded the network in my area and I could now get up to 40 Mb down with 5? Mb...
  16. Corban_White

    Anyone install carpet??

    I had a water heater malfunction (I think it is a malfunction when the drain valve blows off while no one is home and water runs out all over the floor for hours on end.......also causing the burner to run for the same unknown period of time:rolleyes:). So anyway, I pulled the carpet up and...
  17. Corban_White

    GMC / Chevy TBI 350 -> TBI 454

    So, I have a 91 gmc with a very tired tbi 350. I had planned to build a 383 but with the use this truck sees I have decided that I can get more bang for my buck by just swapping in a BB. :D What parts do I need to get aside from the motor and the injectors/throttle body? Will my accessories bolt...
  18. Corban_White

    Some recent projects

    I have been busy fabbing lately but it hasn't really been 4x4 related stuff. I thought the pictures might be interesting to some of you so I figured I would post them. These are some tool boxes I built for my truck: I had Marshall powdercoat them in a...
  19. Corban_White

    Ethanol free stations

    I just found a site that lists the ethanol free stations around the country. There are only a few listed in Utah so let's get adding our favorites! I have a few to add as soon as I get the addresses:
  20. Corban_White

    Pineview/Avon Road/Ben Lomond Ride report

    Well, I have known it for a while but the ride yesterday just reaffirmed this: if you want to get schooled on a dirtbike go with an old guy. :) I believe Caleb took a few pictures. It was a gnarly ride. Lots of fun though. Russ made it look easy no matter which bike he was on. I do think that...