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  1. anderson750

    2021 V2R

    Leaving Wednesday to head to Vegas for Jack to compete in the 25th Vegas to Reno. This will be his first time competing and we have put together what is probably one of the youngest teams in V2R history. All 4 kids on the team are A level riders and range from 15 to 17 years old. They will be...
  2. anderson750

    Juab Endurocross

    The Sage Riders have always helped Juab County put on their Endurocross race. If you have never been to it, it is a fun event. However, I am a few helpers short of what I need and am looking for some people to help on the floor with flagging and picking up riders. Event practice is on Friday...
  3. anderson750

    Seat upgrades

    If you were to to upgrade the seats in a semi daily driven Jk, what would you install? I know when it comes to my wife, she would want some type adjustable lumbar support. In our RZR we put a set of PRP with inflatable lumbar support and she likes that. I am willing to spend a few bucks on...
  4. anderson750

    Indoor shooting

    I saw Dan Bongino promoting the iTarget Pro on one of his YouTube casts. I looked at it and thought it would be a good thing for my wife to use to become a little more comfortable with the handling of her gun. I bought it for her for Christmas and I have to admit, it has been fun to play with...
  5. anderson750


    38mm Lectron $350 obo
  6. anderson750

    Semi virtual JKU build

    I have been on the lookout for a good used 2012 + JKU. I have an initial budget of around 23K to spend on it. While I would like to find a Rubicon, it probably won't be possible. So the dilema here is to find a lower model one with some build already done or find a stock one and use the...
  7. anderson750

    For Sale 2018 KTM 125 SX

    Price: $4,500 2018 KTM 125 sx. This bike was the one we built to race Loretta's in 2019. Entire motor was CryoHeat treated and every rotating part that could be micropolished was. Motor has very little rotating friction. This results in better power delivery and also prolongs the life of...
  8. anderson750

    For Sale 2011 Dodge 3500 Dually

    Since I have sold my toy hauler I do not have a real need for my dually any longer. I don't really need or want to sell it, but it just isn't what I want to semi daily drive any longer. Details Mileage: 173,xxxx. Motor was rebuilt at 110K when I stuck the number 6 piston. I documented the...
  9. anderson750

    1987 CR 125R restoration

    Last year I picked up this 1987 CR 125R mainly for nostalgic reasons. '87 was the year I qualified and competed at Lorettta's on a CR 125. With my son running last year, I did not get any time to start on the restoration and after everything for the season finished up, I left the bike on the...
  10. anderson750


    I don't think this topic will have a lot of interest to most of the people in this sub forum but I think most will be curious how it all turns out. In an effort to gain a competitive edge for Jack on starts, I am trying to squeeze some extra HP out of his 125. When I rebuild his race bike in...
  11. anderson750

    Repair tips and tricks

    We have a few really useful threads on here, particularly the 300 Database. However we dont really have a thread to discuss tips and tricks that can make life easier for working on bikes. Maybe @Greg could pin it. I'll start the thread with straightening an aluminum subframe. The wreck that...
  12. anderson750

    SOLD!!!!!!! For Sale-2014 150 XC

    Thinning the herd a little bit to add a new 300 to the stable. Bike has been very well maintained. 10.5 hours on fresh top end. Suspension has been been completely re-done. Front forks have been converted over from the 4CS style to N10Z cone compression valves by NOST suspension.. Rear...
  13. anderson750

    Wanted ISO Golf Cart

    Looking for a golf cart to get around with at races.
  14. anderson750

    Tongue lock

    I know there was a discussion of trailer locks some time ago on here but I cannot seem to locate it to further the discussion. I am taking 2 RZR's to Baja in my 20' enclosed. We are staying at a secure resort in Guerrero Negro but by no means do i feel comfortable having to leave my trailer...
  15. anderson750

    2013 Cyclone 4000

    2013 Cyclone 4000 $49,750.00 2013 Heartland Cyclone 4000-1 owner. This trailer has a large open floor plan with 3 slides. Some of the other great features of this trailer include: *10 cubic foot fridge *100 gallon fresh water *Electric and propane water heater *King size bed with upgraded...
  16. anderson750

    Pictures from your phone

    A couple of months ago I upgraded my phone to the Samsung S8+ and I am amazed at the quality of pictures that it takes. Here are a few I took this weekend at our friends ranch that overlooks Desolation Canyon. This one is a panorama shot looking east over Desolation Canyon. The left fork of...
  17. anderson750

    Here we go again

    Here we go again. If you think we lost a lot the first time around, the fight to keep what we currently have is going to be even tougher.
  18. anderson750

    2014 7 x 17 Look trailer

    I am going to upgrade to a bigger trailer that I can fit 2 side by sides in. I had the interior rhino lined on the floor and up 12" on the sides when I bought it. E-track on the walls and 4 counter sunk floor anchors. Brand new load range D Towmax tires and wheel bearings were just serviced...
  19. anderson750

    My first project-2004 KTM 200 MXC

    It has been fun to watch some of the project bikes members have done here and when this bike popped up I decided to jump on it. The bike on the exterior appears to be in very good shape. According to the paperwork he provided me, he bought the bike in 2010 from Motofrugals. He told me the...
  20. anderson750

    Meltdown and rebirth of a 6.7 Cummins

    My 2011 Ram 3500 dually has been a great truck. Much of what I did to it initially was based around what L.T. did with his Project Built for towing. I bought this truck in November of 2011 with 29K miles on it and I completed the delete before the truck had 40K on it. Many people are scared...