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    MTR 33x12.5r15 old tread pattern

    Free - come pick them up. I have two tires I need to get rid of. They would be good for spares. Location approx 6200 south 6200 west, Salt Lake Valley. Text me 385.321.0855
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    Free MTR Tires 33x12.5r15 (old tread pattern)

    Free - come pick them up. I have two tires I need to get rid of. They would be good for spares. Location approx 6200 south 6200 west, Salt Lake Valley. Text me 385.321.0855
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    For Sale - Firm Price ARB Fridge 50 qt

    SOLD Selling my ARB Fridge. I will miss it. It's on KSL, asking 650. Mention RME and I will sell it for 550. 385321 zero 855 Located in West Valley
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    Ramsey Winch

    Sorry, I will update the profile.
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    Ramsey Winch

    SOLD pr gone It's not that good of a deal, but free to who wants it. The motor is seized up, to get it replaced (600+) is more than a cheap winch, It is a pro patriot model, 8000 lbs. SOLD - or Gone
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    Backcountry business.

    Skip the box, just use the bags. I had the same issues with the luggable loo. After a week long camp out, I didn't want to put it inside the Jeep, I dutifully strapped it to the top. Well after several trail miles, it leaked with every bump. It's not very portable, nor compact. The WAG bags...
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    I'll see your shower and raise you with an HVAC

    That is overkill, just get an AC unit for a semi truck, much smaller, and should work with the undefined unlimited power source.
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    Ready Welder II Review

    Go sell that cheap welder you bought from Harbor Freight (HF). the Ready Welder is all it is claimed to be. My long month-long project started off replacing the rear leaf springs on the XJ. As most of you know, the front eye bolt seizes in the sleeve and the nutweld. Anyway, after cutting...
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    Where is all the good Jeep junkyards

    An excellent "Dismantler" in Northern California is J&W Auto Wreckers. They have thousands of Jeeps and a web site. If it could be on a Jeep, new/aftermarket they probably have it. 8626 Antelope North Rd Antelope, CA 95843 (916) 723-3950
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    XJ rear shock mount question

    This is actually a common feature of the XJ. The most common cure is the welding route. You can use BPE or the tops of the sway bar, if you still have those.
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    Springin' for a Battery

    In defense of Orbital I have had my orbital for 3 years, now. Some times it gets a lot of use, other times it sits for months on end. Every time it seems to be out of power, the CCA kick in and it starts up the old XJ. It appears to re-charge with out problems. I have abused it with winching...
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    Doetsch Tech Local Dealer?

    MEPCO, er TeraFlexPlus used to carry them.
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    Attn HAMS: four wheel hams net!

    Does this group still meet? I only have a receiver, so I would like to lurk. That is until I pick up a radio.
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    Snow Wheeling

    Now that the white stuff is falling? what areas are open for snow wheeling? I noticed a sign at the B in Bountiful restricting trucks/ATv's above the snow line. (I guess now they mean not above the parking lot. South Willow, out by Grantsville has been closed for a couple years. It...
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    i think it is time for longarms....

    I had the same dilemma last summer. Ended up with a LA set-up from a company in Cheyenne, This and That Custom. Overall, I am very pleased with the set-up. Install went well, the belly skid plate is a bonus. The only thing I dread is having to drop it for...
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    GPS Systems: I need some feedback

    I agree with GIjohn. Garmin makes great GPS's, very intuitive. Another consideration is the mapping software that goes with the GPS. Garmin has topo maps = to the scale of 1/100. I am an avid GPS user of many years, use includes local orineteering club, military, and extensive...
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    Jeep Cherokee above the B in Bountiful?

    Looks like we won't head up there then. too little, too late.
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    Jeep Cherokee above the B in Bountiful?

    Today is Wed the 30th. I am thinking of heading up there this evening, if I can find someone else who is able to go. We will try to find the XJ and then get the VIN and Plate #. If someone knows "exactly" where the rig is, that would be a great help. There should be plenty of seats if...
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    TJ flares on an XJ

    No pics. Surf the web there are plenty of articles. On the front, it is straight forward, hold it up and drill holes. On the rear you might want to cut the flares and put half on the door. I didn't mind the flares, but ended up tearing them off and throwing on Bushwackers.
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    Winch Repair

    Any of you repair a winch? I have a Ramsey 9K, integrated solenoid. I was using it a couple weeks ago, heavy load, lots of pulls. and it stopped. Thought I just overheated it. Then I go to use it again, and nothing. Well, I do hear a clicking sound, llike it wants to pull. I am...