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  1. mbryson

    Shop Vac tech: cool things to do with your ShopVac that suck

    Need to clean some rain gutters today. sucky end Adding a camera as well. Works pretty well but limited reach. Pretty heavy to be using past about 12-13 feet. need to get about 10 more feet to the end.
  2. mbryson

    For Sale Power Wagon 12000 lb Warn winch

    Unfortunately this is a bit big on my Jeep and would require redoing the bumper and such…. I have Buick stuff to do. ;) Rope looks to be in good/excellent condition but I’m a wire rope kind of guy. $700 for a quick sale?
  3. mbryson

    Immigration: I agree with Romney?

    Not the biggest fan of our "home grown" senator.... He does have some good quotes in this article that I agree with. Sen. Mitt Romney called the Biden...
  4. mbryson

    Grandmas Skylark project

    Kind of a “life goal” car. We’ll see if I can handle approximately 600-650 ft lbs of torque in a 3500-3700 lb ca Looks good in the Stuper Duty spot. Sweaty Betty dragging something home with WAY more torque than Betty Edit 1: Goals with this beast: Buick Mag wheels with staggered...
  5. mbryson

    TMR DIY toe alignment tool review

    So this showed up quite some time ago. After the new BFG and the more streetable aspects of my trail Jeep I thought I should get this closer than previous sets of tires. Kind of a simple product for $50+ but to save a couple $400+ tires, I’ll give it a shot. fits many bolt patterns. My...
  6. mbryson

    “Action Camera” - GoPro or ?????

    I went to buy a GoPro and was a little sticker shocked. Any alternatives that are more affordable or is it better to buy once, cry once?
  7. mbryson

    Speaking of white letters out---how old are these tires?

    Looking at a different Z28. Not sure we'll come to terms but if the tires were newer, I'd offer more $. Can anyone decipher these sidewalls? Just from this pic, I’m needing tires. This seems to be the date code?
  8. mbryson

    Wanted 39” BFG MT

    Looking for one 39” BFG mud for a spare. Would rather not throw down for a new one if there’s something out there (17” wheel)
  9. mbryson

    Wanted WJ cv axle shafts

    Anyone have a set of axle shafts kicking around?
  10. mbryson

    What are you watching?

    Just watched this on the plane
  11. mbryson

    New daily driver thoughts...

    So, I've been on the lookout for something "fun" for a new daily. I've been driving my F350 the whole time we've been building the house. 11 mpg isn't that bad if you're only going 15ish miles each way. I get almost 2 weeks of just strictly commuting. ANY other runs to the hardware store or...
  12. mbryson

    2021 Memorial Day Paternal grandfather- David J Bryson-B29 Navigator- stationed in Hawaii at the end of WWII LeGrand Mangus—paternal grandmother’s cousin. KIA June 5, 1944- Normandy maternal grandfather J Harold Warren-served in WWII-Army
  13. mbryson

    Trip Report Pony Express: Was in St Joseph, MO this week. Had an hour to spare

    Just some pics of the Patee Hotel/museum. Worth your time if you’re in the ‘hood. Thought you guys that travel the trail would enjoy these. I’ll try to hit the other Pony Express museum next time. They’re only open until 5 pm. Tough to get away from bacon 🥓 long enough to check...
  14. mbryson

    Trip Report EJS 2021

    Here's the @mbryson version of EJS 2021. Feel free to add yours obviously. The biggest takeaway from this event for me is how fun it is to watch all our kids grow up and do things. My @lbryson is quite good at organizing the paper work for the trails. She's learned from Jesse (Matt...
  15. mbryson

    Most useful looking but useless tool you have?

    What’s the most useful looking tool you bought and rarely find a use for?
  16. mbryson

    For Sale Experienced 38 MTR Kevlars—20-25% tread

    38 14.50 17. Still have balance beads in them. Sidewalls and such are in WAY betterer shape than you’d expect. Set of 4 $300 obo
  17. mbryson

    Wanted 17" 38-40 Tires--prefer 50% tread or better

    Needing some new skins for the "Jeep". Bonus points if there are some lonely 8 on 6.5" beadlocks attached (I'll figure out how to scrounge some $ for that). What's out there? (Just did our taxes and the 39" BFG Muds on KSL that were for sale are now gone :( )
  18. mbryson

    Shocks: looking for a canister high rather than canister low unit

    I seem to be having more issues than expected looking for a canister high shock than I expected. Am I pissing in the wind looking for some?
  19. mbryson

    30' Goosneck trailer for sale.... (not mine) but if someone's looking Pretty decent deal from what I've seen on prices if someone is looking for a 2 rig hauler trailer
  20. mbryson

    Deckover and trailer tire question

    So, I can’t see the tires AT ALL. Didn’t feel this tire go down. How do people monitor their tires with a deck over? Only thing I can come up with is a camera or something. This happened in the dark so I couldn’t see any smoke or anything. Didn’t even feel it go down. The tire behind would...