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  1. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale Help me clean my Garage

    Help me out by taking stuff away… if you want to donate $$ or beer I’ll accept it 😊 otherwise this is $free.99 I’ll update this thread as I continue digging Text me for address to come pick up 801 6o4 o571 Located in Bluffdale Old craftsman compressor, slow to build air and draws a lot of...
  2. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale Milwaukee M18 2867-20

    Milwaukee M18 1” impact 2867-20 This was an impulse buy and I honestly don’t use it... I’ve forced myself to use it a few times... but when I really need this kind of power I just drag a hose and use the pneumatic. $400 tool only... I paid much more 🥲 If you want battery/charger we could work...
  3. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale Garage/Shop Heater

    SOLD Sunstar SG10-N 100,000btu ceramic radiant heater Check out the full specs right here Brand new in the box SOLD
  4. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale TJ Sway bar, front

    Off an ‘04 LJ, has disco links but I don’t know what happened to the ends... $Free
  5. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale Big Tire chains

    SOLD Tires chains... made for semi’s, but they fit 38-40” tires fairly easily... add some links for super wide or tall tires I’ve got at least 2 sets of 4... I’ve also got some giant super single ones that I might be talked out of... $for standard size set of 4 These are super awesome for snow...
  6. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale Trail Gear Full Hydro

    SOLD This will include the 8” de ram with clevis, steering arms and joints, orbital, reservoir/filter and hoses. No pump or cooler. SOLD
  7. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 3rd Gen Ram Grille

    I bought the wrong year, waited too long to return it.... It’s This One New in the box... $150, paid $250 for it... 8oh16o4o571
  8. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale LJ Boatsides

    Brand new bare steel These are true boatsides made by Dave’s Customs Check out the specs here $350 local pickup... cost nearly $100 just to ship these, so you’re saving a fair bit of coin 8oh16o4o571 —shoot me a text
  9. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale TJ Seats

    Out of a 2004 LJ Jeep only had about 12k miles on it when these were taken out Faded Wet Okole neoprene covers, dark gray with Pride speckles underneath 🌈 $75 for the front pair, come with TJ seat hardware. $95 for the fold and tumble bench including rails. $140 if you take it all. 8oh16o4o571
  10. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 2008 Superduty Axles

    SOLD As the title says, 2008 F350 superduty axles Missing 1 steer axle caliper $SOLD
  11. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 5x5.5 Spacers

    5x5.5 wheel spacers, 1.5” thick $50 for the set Free if you buy some of my wheels
  12. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 40” Stickies on 20” Beadlocks

    Qty-4 20x8.5 Procomp Beadlocks Toys by Troy Lock rings 4.75” backspace 5x5.5 lug pattern Procomp X-terrain stickies 40x13.50 1 tire is down to 9/32nds, other 3 are 12-14/32nds I tire has 2 sidewall holes, holds air with plugs but vulcanizing would be best... these are soft tires, with low...
  13. jeepin4x4james

    Wanted Dana 30 Spider Gears

    One of my co-workers has a broken lockright he want's to pull out in his '99 TJ.. Anyone have any spider gears laying around taking up space?
  14. jeepin4x4james

    Free 10” Delta Tablesaw

    I’m tired of tripping over this, come grab it please. If you want to donate some tasty adult suds I’m not opposed 😊 James 801 604 0571
  15. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 2009 Honda Shadow

  16. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 2004 Wrangler Unlimited Part Out

    UPDATED 12/6... majority of stuff is gone, see below for what’s left 801 6o4 o571 ---shoot me a text -Dave’s Customs LJ boatsides, new never installed $350 -Fiberglass rear bench (I had this to lower the passengers, puts the ass about 6” lower than stock) new never installed with padded cover...
  17. jeepin4x4james

    For Sale 2000 TJ

  18. jeepin4x4james

    Wanted TJ Dana 35 w/3.55's

    A buddy of mine just took out his rear axle... completely stock so don't really need more than a 35... Anyone have one lying around for cheap? Looking for a complete housing... could re-use brakes and probably shafts. Let me know James 801 6oh4oh571
  19. jeepin4x4james

    Jeep Hydro-Assist Setup

    Ported Mercedes gear box off my '04 LJ. Includes box, ram, hoses. The ram has 1 ton TRE's and has about a 7" stroke... Could easily be limited. $250 OBO James 8016040571