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  1. shortstraw8

    For Sale Old home built enclosed trailer (needs work)

    My brother in law had to get this off the property it was on. I was going to fix it and use it but we just bought a new bumper pull and I need the space. I was going to replace the mobilehome axles with some 95" axles, fix the tongue and replace the floor with some 2x's. Axles are good if you...
  2. shortstraw8

    83 XR500r

    I have kinda inherited this bike from my brother. There are some issues with the fork set, I have been looking around and found replacements on rmatv but was wondering if there is a better than stock that would be worth the upgrade since it is bent and needs to be changed and replacement aren't...
  3. shortstraw8

    Dodge 07 3500 Brake pad suggestions?

    I bought cheaper-ish pads from oriley and its seems that they used elmers craft glue to stick them together. Thinking I may be best off with a set of mopars but if you have set you like let me know
  4. shortstraw8

    Machine Shop Auction

    Does not seem like many people are bidding on items, figured I would share.
  5. shortstraw8

    For Sale TAO 120cc kids 4wheelers

    $500 Each Camo one runs great Pink one needs the carb replaced that I have already purchased just have too many projects to get to it. Could never keep the old one running right and when I went to start it this year would not stay running due to it. I have also taped the kill switch on as it...
  6. shortstraw8

    For Sale Dana 30 Carrier with LockRight locker

    Not going to use this anytime soon and need money for other projects on the WJ. Came out of my CJ and worked like a charm. Text is best eight 0 One - 3 Six Niner - 1399
  7. shortstraw8

    VGG corvette burnout

    If you haven't seen this you should watch it.
  8. shortstraw8

    For Sale 2018 Can Am Outlander 650 Artic Pkg

    We are selling our 4wheelers. 2018 Can Am Outlander 650 Artic Package- Very Lightly used!!!! 29 hours ONLY 218 Miles!!!! Always stored in Garage Minor scratches Heated Handles Windshield 2nd seat/Bags Included Guard Rails with 2nd Seat Foot step/holder Winch Lots of upgrades ask for details...
  9. shortstraw8

    Sprintex Supercharger on 02 WJ

    Sprintex 257A1007 for 97-04 Jeep Wrangler TJ & Unlimited with 4.0L Would I be wrong in assuming that this would work on a 2002 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4.0l 6cyl? Does not show it for WJ, so out of curiosity I emailed and asked if this would work, they contacted back saying it is due to...
  10. shortstraw8

    2018 Grand Cherokee 3.0l Diesel

    My wife is looking to get a new car and we have found a 2018 GC diesel brand new with 100Miles. Anyone know if these things are problematic, or was there just really no market for these? The three she has narrowed it down to 2018 JGC 3l Diesel 2019 Challenger scat pack 2018/2019 Taco I really...
  11. shortstraw8

    Article "Swapping spark plugs for nanopulses"

    Interesting read, would be pretty cool to see real use results, as it sounds like it is planned to be a full swap out style kit (doubtful it will ever happen). 20% more efficient means roughly 3mpg better for me (18mpg avg in my tundra), probably only see 2mpgs at best, probably less. Still...
  12. shortstraw8

    Jeep 2002 WJ build

    Bought a 02 WJ from auction for my wife. Putting new suspension, new brakes, ball joints as that is what I could tell was wrong with it from the parking lot test drive. Seems previous owner attempted to start the balljoints, as the driver side wheelhub bolts were very rounded out. Was able to...
  13. shortstraw8

    Zero turn mowers

    We moved, and stepped up from .26 acres to 3.0 acres, I need a good riding lawn mower. I would like a ztr, I have come down to a few choices, though they are all pretty much the same from what I can see. These two brands seem to have a pretty good warranty big dog stout MP and the other is...
  14. shortstraw8

    For Sale stock 2012 toyota tundra alloy wheels

    Bought a different set, was going to keep these around and mount some other tires on them for winter, but now will not have room to store them. Set of 4 no valve stems or tpms come with Will throw in the set of tires for, one has a screw in it with slow leak, costco said it was unrepairable...
  15. shortstraw8

    For Sale 83 cj7 project

  16. shortstraw8

    Borrow an Engine Hoist

    Not sure this is the right thread to ask in. But I have an axle in the back of my truck that I need to take out now that snow is going away. Aside from pulling it apart in the bed of my truck to lighten it up, I was wondering if anyone in/around the Orem area has one I can borrow for a few...
  17. shortstraw8

    Old differential video that is pretty cool

    Found this, you may have seen it but it is pretty cool to watch.
  18. shortstraw8

    Questions about my axle

    So went to help my brother in law move in to their new place and found a little trailer with what looks like a dana 60, he said the guy used to use it for moving his truck bed camper around as well as all the tree limbs he cut. He was an old guy and did not use his camper shell anymore and told...
  19. shortstraw8

    Guess I am going to Swap my Axles

    So I'm now being told by the people who told me that I really didn't need stronger axles in the first place, that I should upgrade if my ring and pinion were missing teeth. I went junk yard shopping today and found one truck that might do. 79 short bed Chevy K10 The front axle looked like a...
  20. shortstraw8

    Jeep Dana 30 rebuild kit

    So as always I end up here after not coming to a decision on my own. I am getting a better locker in trade for my Detroit locker. I was hoping to be able to get by with just replacing the seals, but the last time it was taken apart, whoever put it together didn't know/care when doing so. I...