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  1. Kevin B.

    Disc golf

    Anybody else play? I suck, a lot, but it's fun. Looking for a buddy or two for very casual games.
  2. Kevin B.

    Trip Report A Swell quickhitter

    @TRD270 has been trying to drag me down to the Swell for months, and I finally ran out of excuses to bail on him and had to go. It was terrible and I hated it all. We got the party started at Calf Mesa, just south of the Swinging Bridge.
  3. Kevin B.

    In-dash android

    Anyone done it? I need a new stereo and the Android kits are a lot less than a new name brand head unit right now.
  4. Kevin B.

    Mach-E motor available in a crate. Discuss.
  5. Kevin B.

    Anyone have the Optima battery charger/maintainer/fixumathingy?

    I have an old red-top. Old. It might even be legal to drive soon. It's been sitting on the shelf unmaintained for years, and my NOCO Genius won't bring it back. I'm mostly just kinda curious if the Optima unit might have better luck?
  6. Kevin B.

    I am not a smart man.

    I decided to be a tough guy and do a little welding job with regular leather gloves instead of welding gloves. They handled the heat fine, but I burned my forearms twice on hot metal. Decided I'd had enough of that, put on the welding gloves, and now the cuffs are rubbing on the burns. I am...
  7. Kevin B.

    Recommend me an adjustable angle clamp for welding.

    Short of a proper table, how do you set up odd angles for welding tube? I see that Fireball Magic Square and I want it but I can't spend that much. I also see a couple cheap options on Amazon that look like they're worth every penny you'd pay for them. Is there a middle ground...
  8. Kevin B.

    For Sale *SOLD* Intex Excursion 5 inflatable and electric motor

    *** SOLD *** Selling a very lightly used Intex Excursion 5 inflatable raft with a Minn-Kota trolling motor and mount kit. It's packed up so I don't have pics, but it looks like this:
  9. Kevin B.

    For Sale Carts and tool chest

    Moving-into-my-new-Harbor Freight-box-sale! Getting rid of one Husky 26" combo (SOLD), one computer cart, and one HF welding cart. They'll all need a good cleaning. $20 each.
  10. Kevin B.

    RME cage match: snorkels!

    I've never been a fan of snorkels, never wanted one on any of my trucks. Not that I doubt their effectiveness in the water, just that I've never ever been anywhere near a water depth that would require one and don't really intend to either. But let's talk about this dust thing. Yoinked these...
  11. Kevin B.

    Are steel prices absolutely through the roof right now?

    Just went to price out a little square tube and about had a heart attack, a stick of 2" .180 is 172 bucks! I don't buy steel often enough to know, is that where it's been for a while or didn't that used to be $40-$50 in the recent past?
  12. Kevin B.

    How big is your onboard air tank?

    I've had this thing kicking around for I don't know how long. Might be 4 or 5 gallons? Would mounting this make any appreciable difference in air-up times?
  13. Kevin B.

    2022 Ford Maverick "compact" pickup 37 MPG combined with the hybrid motor, or up to a 4000 pound payload with the Ecoboost. AWD is an option. $20,000-$25,000 depending on...
  14. Kevin B.

    The Dante's Peak Suburban, the Jeep Gladiator from Tremors, and the K-5 stepside in the original Red Dawn...

    ... are the three best movie trucks. Change my mind.
  15. Kevin B.

    Spring rate of a late 80s Yota main leaf

    What do you suppose is the approximate spring rate of the main leaf out of the rear of a late 80s Toyota 4Runner? Just the main. 500 pounds or so? Asking for a friend.
  16. Kevin B.

    Little help with vehicle audio?

    Putting a new deck in the wifes' truck, and I forgot to look where the amp jacks were plugged into the old deck. I've got two wires with RCA connectors, one has clear insulation and the other is blue. The new deck has four RCA jacks on the back labeled "amp preout" - left front, left rear...
  17. Kevin B.

    Randy Feltface

    I'm dying. This guy is brilliant. Audio is spicy and not safe for work unless you're an Aussie.
  18. Kevin B.

    Local plus nut/cross nut source

    Like these, but I don't want 100 of them. I struck out at Fastenal and Nut&Bolt Supply, Grainger doesn't have 'em, where else can I look?
  19. Kevin B.

    For Sale Toyota 3.4l timing belt/water pump kit

    New in box.
  20. Kevin B.

    Anyone do auto glass?

    The Behemoth needs a new windshield, and I'm not going to Safelite. I used to go to Technaglass, but they're gone. Anyone do mobile glass, or have a mobile guy they like?