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  1. Gravy

    Wanted Tree trunks.

    I have a friggin huge one in front of the shop I was going to mount my anvil to. I built something else so I was going for toss it this week.
  2. Gravy

    Honda CR80 project!

    In fact the only way there could be a different owner than the person named on (your) title is if that guy gave you an old title for the bike and someone had a title issued in their name afterward (he's just got an old copy of the title.)
  3. Gravy

    Honda CR80 project!

    They may ask you to pay a bond based on the value of the bike and wait 90 days for them to do current owner search but again I've never had that happen if I have physical possession of the title and I bet I've done 25 of them without title to begin with.
  4. Gravy

    Honda CR80 project!

    If you have the title the bike a bill of sale and confirmed with the state that it's not stolen you should be fine. I've never once ran up against a situation where there's a lien or loan against the title if you have physical title possession
  5. Gravy

    Next rig options?

    I can't imagine 5k of horse trailer behind an 80... Unless I wanted extra time for knitting sweaters.
  6. Gravy

    The RME street moto gang

    That's ok guys. Anyone else down?
  7. Gravy

    Honda CR80 project!

    I don't know if the Idaho process is quite the same but vin inspection, 3 b&w photos from 3 angles, insufficient evidence of ownership form, bill of sale, explaination of ownership form, old title and gtg. Orrrrrr a "new" bill of sale with the titled owner's name on it definitely made out by...
  8. Gravy

    The RME street moto gang

    Who wants to go for a ride Saturday? Let's rock and roll. Meetup at 8 or 9 at Cabela's in Farmington. I've got a nice route planned up over Trapper's loop. around Pineview, up Old Snowbasin rd and up Powder Mountain hwy. Lunch at Carlos and Harleys in Eden Then down over North Ogden Canyon.
  9. Gravy

    Which 40 is good these days?

    I've got a 40"x17 BFG KRTB you can have for a spare. My neighbor moved and left it in my meadow...
  10. Gravy

    The RME street moto gang

    Which motor? I've had an 1100 and a 750 Shadow. Feels a lot like a better built Harley with less Charisma. Cruisers kinda all feel the same to me.
  11. Gravy

    UTV Winches

    I've got an el cheepo HF winch with a wireless fob if you want it for a deal. New in box. I was going to use it as a suckdown winch but I don't wheel my big crawler anymore LoL
  12. Gravy

    Fat man on a little bike.

    Are those the rabbit hole custom sneakerzzz? All I want right now is custom kicks and 12 o'clock wheelies on minibikes.
  13. Gravy

    Fat man on a little bike.

    I have a whole stack of ProTaper fat bars if you ever need some lol. I take them off restoration bikes when I got back to 7/8" stuff
  14. Gravy

    Ghetto Bobber

    I've had good luck with the eBay knockoff carbs. Those carbs you have right now might need more work than it's worth. Here's a bobber I built in 2018 It's a 749 Yamaha Virago
  15. Gravy

    Tonkaman’s Tonka truck

  16. Gravy

    Fat man on a little bike.

    I'm down. My buddies all have those Coleman mini bikes and mob around SLC in big groups. My classy old timer motorcycle friend told me once, "scooters are like fat chicks- fun to ride but you don't want your friends to see you on one." My wife and I have had 3 or 4 scooters in our history. I...
  17. Gravy

    Mount Rushmore Trip

    Badlands is an awesome place for OHVs.
  18. Gravy

    New 4Runner

    Now that SLC is 20mph on surface streets it shouldn't be a problem haha
  19. Gravy

    Need ideas to use bent 1" tubes

    I used those for holding utility cans
  20. Gravy

    6.0 powerstroke rebuild.

    Yes. Sterling 10.5