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    UTV Winches

    I have the Viper Elite 4000 on the two door, and the 4500 on the four door. They’re 7 years old now, and still going strong. The 4000 has mostly been for pulling the 4 door out because they high center on everything. The 4500 has mostly been used to pull me back onto four wheels, because I like...

    Wanted Jeep Fleetvan, FC, or old bread type delivery van

    Not old enough to be really cool, but a nice wrap might cure that, The price seems fair, and it’s definitely the most practical way to go.

    1985 CJ 7 / LS

    You might want to look into YJ flares. They will require minor trimming of the front fenders, but I’d imagine your choices would be much greater.

    Grandmas Skylark project

    I’ve screwed up plenty of paint, but never felt bad about it because they were all free anyway.

    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    I ran into this exact same problem on the LJ. When it came time to build a JK, I went with long front arms, and short rears. It worked out much better for me.

    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    Not worth messing with. Just get rid of the old system.

    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    How’s the rust around the windshield and the drip rails? Oh, and this needs a cheap aluminum shell on it and you could turn it into a Farmtruck clone

    New welder

    If I remember right, on the Hobart the spool holder has a tensioner that you can crank down tight. On my present Miller portable, I keep a small bungee in it to tie the spool down during transport since I can’t tighten that one down enough

    New welder

    I had the 110. It served me well for many years. One piece of advice. Lock down your wire spool before transporting the welder. The wire will tend to unroll while traveling. When it does, it has the chance to short out the positive and negative connections. If this happens and you power it up...
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    Spinoff: @lbryson 's idea, favorite things read on a bathroom wall

    No use standing on the seat, Sambo’s crabs can jump ten feet. If you’re old enough to know what that means, you are indeed old! 😁
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    Do you Hot Tub?

    Get used to things breaking, it’s just part of the adventure. I had an 8’ CalSpas tub for almost 20 years. I used occasionally, the wife almost daily….. At first The whole hot tub thing quickly wore off. Since mine was indoors, and I built the room around it, I took great pleasure in taking my...
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    Wells Cargo 20ft fast trac as car hauler?

    Wells Cargo lighting gets its power supply from the trailers brake battery. Most likely, your battery is dead. Now would be a good time to upgrade that mini battery to a regular deep cycle battery with a tender.
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    Your Pic of The Day

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    What happened to the cars?

    Kids now days….. Two Lane Blacktop Vanishing Point Dirty Larry Crazy Mary (or maybe vice versa) American Graffiti
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    What are your retirement plans?

    Having recently done this at the ripe old age of 58, I’ve read a lot of good advice here, and a lot of just dreams that will never come true. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the cost of health care. Plan ahead for that and over budget. You’re going to need it. If relocating is in...
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    EJS 2021 Canceled (update: it's back on)

    I’ve been chucking at some of the uneducated comments in here, it’s like a flashback to the late 80’s and 90’s. It was the mountain bikers against the Jeepers back them, and they spewed the same bullshit some of you are now. We jeepers were tearing up the landscape and making all sorts of noise...
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    Commercial hvac guys?

    Ditto, Team Fred
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    Large volume water storage?

    The off grid folks here use the black 1000 gallon tanks. There are companies here who deliver that quantity, but most haul it in, in the smaller plastic totes. Home Depot here stocks them, so I’m sure you could order one in. I don’t know how you’ll handle the freeze issue, we don’t deal with...