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    Old coyote hunting vid

    A little over 20 years ago, my buddy Tim and me decided to try and make a varmint hunting video. DVD's weren't even so common yet. We had the first 2,000 copies made on VHS tape :oops:. It was a different time and a different world back then. The second run of that first video were 2,000...
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    Trip Report Anasazi roads and Moki Steps

    Went in search of Anasazi roads and crossings of Comb Ridge recently. Did some video, of some of it :cool: . - DAA
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    Trip Report Goofing around west of the river

    Spent the weekend just relaxing, enjoying the weather and goofing off on the San Rafael desert. Got to play with my new drone some more. I didn't intend to start posting videos with it, but it looks like I'm starting to... It's pretty fun to fly! - DAA
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    JK parking brake cable disconnected

    I installed a lift kit on a buddies JKU Sport this weekend. AEV 3.5" Dual Sport SC kit. Nice kit. First drives it's riding really, really nice. But, the parking brake lever doesn't move the cable anymore. Part of the install was disconnecting the cable ends at the backing plate and...
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    Such a small world

    So, when I was a little kid, 12-13 years old. My best friend that lived across the street, Casey - big, long, raw boned farm kid, ape length arms, ham sized fists, farm work hard muscle at a young age, good Golden Gloves boxer out of the Montoya's gym on the West Side. Me and Casey were into...
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    Wild Friday night

    Getting crazy up in here. Home alone. Cat’s away mice will play you know what I mean. Fed the dogs In and Out. Then... Organized my socket drawer. I hope the family gets home soon... - DAA
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    For Sale NV241OR core

    Broken '06 NV241OR Roctrac transfer case. Good only for parts or as a core. Most places that sell reman units will take a broken case as a core to save a $600 core charge. Or buy a new case and use these parts to build it. Newish Mopar 4WD sensor, factory Rubicon yokes included. $300 - DAA
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    For Sale Select Increments Dash-Pods for TJ

    $50 Select Increments Dash-Pods to fit 5-1/4 inch speakers in Jeep TJ factory dash speaker location...
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    For Sale JL Audio JD400/4 amp

    $150 JL Audio JD400/4 for channel, 75 watts RMS x4 car audio amplifier...
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    For Sale Kenwood KSC-SW11 powered sub

    $150 Kenwood KSC-SW11 powered sub: Fits...
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    How do you, yourself, get a knife stupid sharp?

    I want to up my knife sharpening game. Just because. I want to learn how to get a knife just as stupid sharp as reasonably possible without stupid money. Stupid time, is okay. Would like to hear anything that works for you. I've been a competent knife sharpener since my teens, so, forty...
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    For Sale KM2 35x12.50x17 with 8/32 - $75 for pair

    Have two, 35x12.50x17 KM2's, with 8/32 of tread on them, $75 for both. - DAA
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    Trip Report Mothers Day Ruins And Rock Art

    Had this trip planned for a long time, but my Jeep was (is) still in the hospital. But my awesome wife let me take her daily driver that she dearly loves and leave early on Mothers Day before she even woke up. Picked up my friend Alan and we were off for four days in the canyons to look for...
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    Trip Report Just rolling around for a couple days

    Little scout about from a couple of weeks ago. We had a destination in mind, and a vague, general route in mind to get there, by a roundabout path intended to take us through stuff we hadn't seen yet. But no itinerary for getting back home – just going to play it by ear. The rig we took is...
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    Grand Gulch for April Fools

    Myself, Randy and Jared have been doing a spring backpacking trip every year now, for, a lot of years. Last year, our trip got squacked by the virus. So it had been awhile. For this year, we decided to do the Kane to Bullet section of Grand Gulch. Randy and I have both done it before, but...
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    Repair or replace

    So the steering stabilizer mount on my front axle is in pretty bad shape. Cracked all to heck. Steering shock isn't exactly a critical component. I think I'd be okay with getting someone to help me weld it up - if it can be done on the Jeep. But there is also one small crack in the...
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    How's an Atlas for long road miles?

    You know what sucks? This sucks. So I need a new transfer case. Just shopping online this morning, reman 241OR goes for Atlas money. Used ones go for, a lot. Still, a used or reman 241OR is going to bolt right in, no new drive shafts of mounting modifications. It will be cheaper...
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    Secret ingredient for green beans

    First and most important step for delicious green beans. - DAA
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    Been to Rachel lately? Any gas?

    Last time I rolled through Rachel four or five years ago the only gas station had been closed a long time (and that was sort of a problem...). Interweb says it's open, but there isn't a date associated with the happy news. I'm going to call tomorrow and find out. But if anyone has been lately...
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    Trip Report The sun pouring it's scorching rays down upon us with such fervor...

    "Crossing this valley, the sun pouring it's rays down upon us with such fervor as nearly to parch our bridle reins into a crisp" - Edwin Bryant, Aug 7, 1846, Hastings Cutoff, Independence Valley Out farting around with my buddy Steve in his F-150 this weekend. It was so dry... How dry was...