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    Rebuild PSC DE Ram

    The 2.5" x 8 " DE ram on my TJ is starting to leak a little bit of fluid out of the passenger side seal. I found the seal kit on the PSC website, so I'll have parts soon. Has anyone rebuilt one of these? Looks like the ends unthreads to access the seals. Is there a special tool for taking...
  2. Mouse

    Any thoughts on the New T-Case from Midnight Metal Works?

    Watched a video on Bleepin Jeep about it. Has some nice features like swapping from driver's to pass drop with no flip or additional parts. Also said a NP205 case was in work. If similar to the D300 version, should be pretty nice.
  3. Mouse

    For Sale Rear seat

    This was in the rear of my 1982 Jeep CJ-8, not sure where it is originally from. It measures 35 inches at the maximum outside-to-outside dimensions. Seat is attached to an angle iron frame which the seat belts are bolted to. There is a small tear along the one seam (in picture). Located in...
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    I've been waiting almost a month for Tom Woods to build a new front driveshaft for my scrambler. They have been waiting on a shipment of 1310 CVs in order to get it done. I can convert it over to a 1350 CV (they are in stock), but since the Rubicon trip was cancelled, I'm not in a rush. Are...
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    Need diesel shop near Ogden

    Have a friend with a 2010 F350 with the 6.4L diesel. Has some sort of turbo issue and an EGR code popped up (right at emission testing time). I haven't had time to look at it. Looking for a good shop. He lives near Huntsville, so a shop near Ogden would be most convenient.
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    For Sale JK and JT parts

    Have front and rear standard JK bumpers off of a 2017 JKU Sahara painted in granite crystal. There are some minor scratches and mars (see pics) - $100 for both, including the front plastic skid 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon rock rails, comes with all mounting nuts and bolts - $100 Located...
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    NP208 rebuild

    I'm in need of a shop to go through a NP208. I attempted to rebuild it a couple years ago, replacing seals, thrust bearings and shift forks. It is definitely improved but is difficult to get into low range. It's a super simple TC, so I think something is wrong with it still. I can get low...
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    Raised garden beds

    Does anyone have experience building raised garden beds? I'm looking for ideas and possibly sources for materials. My wife wants me to build some for her garden in order to help better control weeds and to be more efficient with watering. My wife has been showing me kits that use galvanized...
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    Motor oil prices

    Heard a rumor that the Shell plant that produces Rotella motor oil was severely damaged in the winter the effect that production of the brand will be slow to return. If this is true, might be a good time to buy some before it all disappears...
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    Whole house backup generator

    Has anyone done a whole-house backup generator? Got a quote today on an install; it's bit higher than I anticipated, but had an upgraded gas meter and went to a 24KW Generac for the quote. Any recommendations on installer or anything else?
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    2020 Virtual SEMA show

    This is the first that I heard of it, but looks like SEMA will be virtual this year. Still have to register to attend ($25 for non-industry).
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    Murder Hornet nest found in Washington

    Hope they don't move to Utah. They used a miniature tracking device to find the nest.
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    When we moved to Utah from Florida 2 years ago, Our realtor told us that termites are not an issue here. I'm FL we had a bobbin the house and yearly treatments. I pulled a post out of our garden today and the part below ground was infested with termites. The post is probably 50 ft or further...
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    Black Bear Pass rollover

    Pretty bad rollover this weekend. A Jeep rolled off and down several switchbacks on Black Bear Pass onto Bridal Veil Road near Telluride on Saturday, seriously injuring a 23-year-old Durango woman who was in the passenger seat. The woman, whose name...
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    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Let me start by saying that I love the ACC in my gladiator. Makes highway cruising much more pleasant, especially on a busy I15. At just 2400 miles an uncovered dump truck dropped a rock on I15 about 5 car lengths and one lane to the right, in front of me while driving the gladiator. Of...
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    Anyone into 3D printing?

    My work has a couple of 3D printers that I've been learning on - a plastic type and also a resin type. I find it very interesting and am intrigued that there must be some applications for parts on our offroad rigs. It's been a little bit of a learning curve, but I am getting the CAD and...
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    Pole Barn opinions

    Looking to build a 30x40 shop in the backyard. Want a single front door, one man door. Want a two-post lift capable of working on my diesel dually (8000 lbs empty); looking at 10000lb rated lifts, require a 6 inch floor. I've seen a couple of new ones built recently around us. Looking for...
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    Steel prices

    Seems as though most steel has dropped in price a fair bit. I've done a couple of projects over the past few weeks and was surprised at how low the materials came in, My neighbor and son both work in the steel enterprise and told me that what I thought is true. So, even though I do not (yet)...
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    Scramblers - Lets see 'em

    I did a search and didn't see a thread dedicated to scramblers. I bought mine last fall (2018) and need some motivation - would like to see what is out there. This scrambler has a ways to go, but I've done a ton in the past year. It currently has a 350 chevy, 700r4, NP208. The axles are out...
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    Wanted Door handles/latches for YJ doors

    I've got a nice set of YJ half doors but they are missing the handles and latches. Anyone know where I can find some?