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    1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

    I’m happy with both of mine. Got a bigger one that’s cheaper build quality but nice to be able to do bigger items than most other printers. It took a little bit of upgrades already to get some things improved on it. And the 2nd printer is a higher quality printer and has given me no issues or...
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    1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

    Coping jig works pretty well. I also highly recommend white-charcoal pencils when working with millscale steel.
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    Wanted Tree trunks.

    Also tree trunks. Hardwood will depend on what you see at the beach or not.
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    Lame Joke Thread

    In researching this I found out there is a difference between “dirt” and “soil”. Rocks, clay, sand and silt break down to “dirt”. “Soil” is when it has the addition of decayed plants and animals. #YeahImFunAtParties
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    Stag shop stuff

    It’s a coping jig for the C channel for 90° joints. Trace the line, chop the corners. 😎
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    Stag shop stuff

    Next mystery item off the (new) printer. Having 2 printers is so much better.
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    For Sale 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 rough shape

    I actually think it looks like a pretty decent truck ha. My parents smoked with me in the car ever since I was little and now I don’t really ever notice cigarette smell. I picked up a friend one time when I was 16 in my moms car and they immediately commented on the smell, but I was oblivious...
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    Your Pic of The Day

    The bad part about being a small company is we have to share equipment between the operators. This means there’s a lot of finger pointing when there’s issues; “that garbage isn’t mine”.. “it was clean when I had it”.. “that scratch was already there when it came to my jobsite” etc. I didn’t...
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    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    I’d say hit the underside of the hood with some of that gloss black too yeah? Looks great. Makes me want to fly back and help my dad finish his ‘71 Blazer.
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    Lame Joke Thread

    The father told his daughter, “go to bed, the cows are going to sleep in their field” The daughter replied, “what does that have to do with me?” Dad said “that means it’s pasture bedtime.”
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    Lame Joke Thread

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    1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

    Not sure if those C channel pieces come across to their size in the pics. That’s four pieces of 4” and one stick of 6” C channel. Two runners of 4” down the frame, two widths of 6”, one at the front and one at the back. And then the other 4” pieces for cross supports. I know I will need more...
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    1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

    There goes a week and a half’s wages 😅 Will be measuring twice on those cuts.
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    Lighten the mood

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    Entry fee?

    Hotdog Nate Racing team shirt