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Thread: Cantilever Suspension

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    Question Cantilever Suspension

    Did anyone get a look at the buggy at supercrawl that had the cantilever suspension set up? What were your impressions? Who did it?

    It looks like it protects the shocks but I am unsure about any other advantages.

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    that setup has been used for r/c rockcrawling and stuff, but i am not sure what affects it would have on the dampening ability of the shock if you laid it sideways. seems like the more vertical the shock sits the better it dampens.

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    There were a couple set up that way....Little's and Dallas/Bill's
    It is extra weight, but can work well if set up correctly. Sometimes there just is no where good to put the shocks.
    As long as both legs of the lever are the same length the dampening wil be the same. Adjusting the arms to different lengths will change the dampening abillities....I leave that to Kurt or Maverick for the mathmatical formula

    But be careful, many shocks will not work in a horizontal position.
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