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Thread: Pro-Tek Cleaner?

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    Pro-Tek Cleaner?

    I had some door to door salesmen come by the house today while i was out working. They are selling some cleaner Called Pro-Tek. They showed me how it cleaned the grease and oil off my driveway and well ok that nice. Then they showed me on my rims of the truck and well ok thats works good. THEN my wifes jeep is grey and the clear coat is all but gone. I have tried everything in the world to get the stains and crap off the hood with nothing worked. I kinda got some stuff off after hours of scrubbing but that got really old. Anyhow they sprayed this stuff on the hood and wiped the crap right off. I was sold! I did the entire hood and threw some wax on it and wow it looks brand new. So has anybody else seen or used this stuff? So far i love it but kinda pricey but worth it in my eyes.

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    Ya they came into my work once. My boss said he would buy a case if the guy would smear urethane on his hands and clean it all off. He did the smearing and left with very black hands.
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    They came by trying to sell me some stuff, I told them I had my own stuff (which was custom made but very similar to Simple Green... ). We traded specs for a while, and then he said "well this stuff is non-toxic, you could drink it, can you do that with yours?"

    Naturally I told him I would buy a case if he would drink a mouthful of it. He didn't do it.
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    Sweat! I will have to remember that one for when the Advantage guy comes through my neighborhood again

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    I don't remember the name of the stuff but I bet it was the same but they came by my house once and I tested the PH and it was above 12. Which means don't use it on soft fabrics, it may clean them but it causes damage to the fabric that you cant see. Especially Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Leather.

    Just for curiosity you should try a side by side comparison of that product and ammonia (Don't Mix)
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    I worked with Pro Tek selling cleaner just recently. My advice to anyone is to NEVER let them in your house, and NEVER EVER give them your credit card information. In the 28 days I worked for them, several people stole credit card information, as well as went into the customer's bathroom and stole their medication from them. They will steal anything they can, because they are starving. Do you think they make money off of the cleaner? Not hardly. They live off of commision for their sales-which might be at the most 20 or 30 a day. Usually they will get the bare minimum of 10 a day, because sales are doing badly. Under no circumstances would I let them in my house, or offer them a check or credit card. Also, the cleaner isn't as good as they would have you believe-it is almost always highly concentrated in their demo bottles, if it were as diluted as you are instructed on the directions, it wouldn't clean the way they show you in the demo. And it is NOT anti-bacterial. Once again..DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE OR GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!!

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    Is this the same organization that claims to help inner city kids? I had one of these guys stand in my garage for 1/2 hour, not convincing me to buy his product. I told him I'd be happy to donate to the cause that was supporting the kids, and he said "I don't want your f*****g hand out, just buy a bottle of this stuff." I told him no, and he stared me down while he walked away. Glad to see someone is keeping these kids off the streets, eh?

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    Through about 25 years I've seen the same thing every year with different names but the same sales pitch
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