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Thread: Moyie Springs Mud Bogs

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    Moyie Springs Mud Bogs

    Just got back from this and I must say, what a blast!!!! It's $20 a person, 12 and under are free. They have a live band, keraoke, mud pit, hill climbs, trails, bon fires, food stands and lots of room to park/camp.

    I pulled my trailer up Wednesday morning to assure we had a good spot. Austin and I spent the night and came back home Thursday morning. After Kathleen got off work Friday at lunch, we headed back up and stayed until about 10am today.

    Not sure what to say about the event, but there was lots of mud and alcohol. Think of your best redneck event, and double it - taht was this one.

    I joke a bit, but it's very proffesionally done, well as professional as a hill billy can be. It's actually a company that does it - Moyie Springs Mud Bog, INC, a family runs it on their land. They set up hundreds of porta potties that get cleaned several times a day from the company that 'caters' them. They have a full security, fire trucks, etc.

    I wouldn't doubt it if there were close to 10,000 people there. There was probably around 160 acres with people crammed into their tents/RV's and parked around.

    I'm not a fan of the mud, but I finally gave in and gave it a go. The first few passes I had no issues - but of course, they were both through the center where it was easier. Then I got brave and went up the side and got stuck. Got the tractor hooked up to me and before I could get back in the truck, he started pulling me out! Crowd started yelling at him and by the time he realized what was goign on, he was already a good 20' away, so I told him to keep going - I'm already muddy, what difference does it make, right? Well, then it got REAL deap, and it was all I could do to walk through knee deep mud. I finally managed, and still kept my boots on, got back in my rig and drove off. Of course, to get back in line and try it again! I didn't have any 'stuck' issues until later in the day.

    The left side had been the worst all day, so nobody was really going down the right side, unless they had a stock rig. Then a friend tried the right side and got stuck. They pulled hime out, and he tried it again, to get stuck again. So they pulled him out again and he decided he'd go drink some beer and think about this one for a bit. Well, that right side just started getting worse and was swallowing up everything that tried it - even a few with 60"? tires! But then, I think they just didn't have the motor to keep them spinning at that point.

    So now it's later in the day, I've been through the pit at least a dozen times and taking the harder lines without issues. So I decided to try the right side. Damn near made it all through the hole - had my front tires up on top! But denied.

    Motor ran great! I'm really loving this 5.3!

    Here's some picutres and video... Enjoy!
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    The poor guy at the first - that's Allan. The greatest guy you will ever meet. He owns, and I'm not kidding, several hundred cars/trucks and has them scattered around his property. Most of them are full size trucks/Blazers. This Blazer here has 54"? boggers on it with a BBC that he just finished building for it. You know the show 'Redneck Wedding'? Well, a few months ago that was filmed on his land. A bunch of us held up the banner standing in front of our rigs. Here's Allan's website:

    Then you see another guy in a yellow truck on it's side. That's an old Chevy pick up that was in prestine/show quality, but he runs it in the mud. They ended up pulling it to the end and then picking it up wiht a wrecker. It ruined the cab and I thought the guy was goign to cry.

    There are only about 160 right now, so keep checking in as they are put up.
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