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Thread: Mitsubushi Fuso 4x4 camper

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    Mitsubushi Fuso 4x4 camper

    I spied this cool camper over the weekend when we were coming out of Lockhart Basin and had to take a few pics. I thought it was great! I'd hope it's a diesel, just because it would be that much cooler! Looks like a home-built job?

    It makes the gears start turning in my head, using an Isuzu box truck with the venerable 4B1DT (turbo diesel), converting it to 4WD and mating a big camper to the back or building one from the ground up.

    Not really ideal for most of the 4x4 trails out here, but would be a great way to tour around some of the rougher roads out there.

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    I know over on ExPo there is a whole section devoted to Mitsubishi heavy trucks.
    Stephen Nielson

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    Indeed, there are a few on expo portal.
    All gave some, some gave all.

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    I've thought about it a million times some of those even come with four doors How cool would it be to find an Isuzu NPR or Fuso and run a divorced NP205 and one of those HUGE Dana 70 fronts out of a top kick?! I'd shorten the frame up a bit possibly remove the duals and put the Alaskan on the back. Some of the NPR's came with 4wd as well as some of the FG's but the 2wd trucks can be had for really cheap and I don't think the conversion would be extremely difficult. They also seem to get pretty good fuel economy for their size and tow rating. The few that I have drove had mechanical 4cyl turbo diesels...

    I read somewhere that over 75% of all NPR's (or "ELF's" ) sold in the states are still licensed and registered.

    Ok I'm done day dreaming and thinking out loud

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    It would be pretty cool. Even if you couldn't "do" the trails, it could get you a ways back and setup a killer (and comfortable) base camp to play out of.

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    Cool! I should start taking pics of all the cool rigs I see coming and going from Zion. It seems daily I see a new cool Expo rig here in Hurricane. I have seen 3 MAN's in the last 2 weeks! I also seen a Toyota van (not us spec) that was so well built, it had a pop top like a VW, propane tanks and a POPOUT! it was filling up with diesel in Hurricane a couple weeks back, it had a big world map on the side of it, they had filled in most of south america and most of north america, it looked from the map as if they were heading west to the pacific.

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