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Thread: Corbeau seat brackets?

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    Corbeau seat brackets?

    Anyone have experience with Corbeau seat brackets? I'm looking to buy a set of Corbeau Baja XRS seats for my '98 GMC Sierra and I'm not sure which brackets to order and the list of compatible years/vehicles is some what confusing, since they don't list a bracket for a '98.

    The truck has factory bucket seats, with a center console. Any help?

    Also, any RME vendors selling Corbeaus? I want to order the seats with full vinyl and seat heaters... plus the brackets.
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    If I keep the Dodge I've been wanting some Corbeaus and brackets as well. Group buy?

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    Alljeep is a corbeau vendor. Pm Mesha (Davy) for pricing or with any questions.
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    Having dealt with Corbeau a few times I would recommend calling them directly. They are usually very helpful on the phone. I love there brackets and seats. There brackets are well designed and super clean. Usually you need an adapter to mount their Baja seats to their brackets. I think they run $20 a peice.
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