build thread

  1. Paul R

    Paul R's BJ73 Restomod Build

    Since we have all been shut in, I finally started working on my BJ73 that I got last year. I figured I would add a build thread here (I started in March) for some updates on the newest addition to our stable. It is a 1987 BJ73 from the the windshield registration and license plates it looks...
  2. Herzog

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    Disclaimer: not a real taco cart. So here goes. I picked up this Tacoma from TRD270 last year and intended to use it as a mountain trail truck with the occasional side duty of getting groceries. But, I just couldn't leave well enough alone. Project goals: not-so obvious solid axle swap on...
  3. Tdylan28

    Another Willys Crawler build

    Well first of all, I'm brand new to this forum and brand new to the willys jeeps. I've always been into xjs and zjs. I decided I was ready to build something with a frame for once and a willys mb crawler has been my dream jeep for a while, so I sold my xj and started acquiring parts. I found a...
  4. crimsonride

    Jeep CJ's YJ thread

    I've been spending a lot of time of the jeep lately and thought I ought to post some pics. Here's a pic of the jeep as it was before my ambitions got a hold of me. First.....not pictured. I ditched the fake beadlocks and swapped the ol 35's for some 37's and alloy rims. Then I...
  5. Greg

    Jeep Willys 'Crawler' project

    I've wanted a little Flatfender for a LONG time, I have probably looked at 30+ over the years but haven't been able to find the right one, at the right price and in the right condition. Well, that all changed last week when a co-worker mentioned that he knew a guy that had a tub and some other...
  6. zukgod1

    Project TJ started.

    Picked up a 01 TJ chassis a few weeks ago. It had been mostly parted out and was basically a tub, frame and engine. Picked up the missing body parts, Poison Spider fenders, sliders and corners, transmission, skid plate etc and decided on 60's. Already had a Super Duty60 with 5:38's and A ARB...
  7. ChrisO

    General Tech Honcho Build, "Desert Edition"

    Howdy fellow off-roaders! I've always enjoyed building and driving Jeeps. Over the years have built several CJ's, YJ's, TJ's, JK's, XJ's and MJ's. However, my love has always been J-10 Honcho's. I love the desert, and off road racing, especially vintage (1980's). So, I have built a 83 Honcho...
  8. chevymog

    time to get busy

    got the techs home along with some new shoes. now to get them installed and do the 12 valve swap.
  9. Bucking Bronco

    Bucking Buggy 2.0

    Well I finally got started on the new buggy
  10. Lord Al Sorna

    Lord Al Sorna's 2014 JKUR All-Purpose Build

    Greetings fellow RME members! I would like to introduce my Jeep: I purchased the Jeep July 18th, 2014 with 16 miles on the odometer. This is the first new vehicle I have owned, and has proven to be wonderfully fun and comfortable to cruise around in both on and off road. I look forward to...
  11. cjncustoms

    General Tech Calvins buggy build

    Well the time has come and I have finally pushed myself to build a buggy. I've been wanting to build one for years so I finally pulled the trigger. Not to mention that my wonderful wife pushed me to do it as well. This will be a rec wheeler with the capabilities to race when I want to. Probably...
  12. yz250_

    New toyota buggy speed build

    Now that I sold my last buggy it's time to get the new one done. It's wheelin season here in St Geoege. With Devin at the reins on the build we will see how fast we can hit the trails. For the most part everything we need to finish the build is sitting there waiting to be installed. Sent...
  13. skippy

    Heathers JK replacement build

    So after daily driving the JK for a few years Heather decided that she wanted a car again so we sold the JK picked her up a nice BMW and got her a nice 2004 TJ to wheel. Since I already have my new Promod buggy to build This will be a quick and easy build and nothing to extreme so here is the...

    Mills Goat Built 4 Seater

    Well time to start my build thread, I will be using the 4 seat Goat Built chassis, This chassis is also known as the buggy in a box, It comes all pre bent and lazer notched and has its own jig, Engine will be a lq9 6.0 Ls with a vinci ultra torque cam, ls6 manifold, Reid Racing sh400off case...
  15. SAVAGE

    GMC / Chevy Project Big Betty, Cummins power in a weekend warrior

    I'm swapping a cummins into a 1988 GMC 1 ton crew cab dually. Im also converting it to single rear wheel. However i'm already halfway through this project so Ill help get you caught up. I had my eye on a old gmc that belonged to a rancher friend of mine. I asked if he would consider selling it...
  16. FatTony

    Fattony 2014 tacoma build

    The truck 2014 white double cab trd sport tacoma. now the list of parts to get. Interior cobra 75 wx st for cb radio. weather tech floor mats. Exterior Lift. Swayaway coildovers with remote reservoir. Allpro rear expo leaf springs. blisten shocks with fox air bumpes mount on Pelfreybilt...
  17. YROC FAB.

    General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy

    I've decided its ok to justify a single seat buggy since I own a 2 seat buggy already. I don't have many parts so it will take awhile gathering all the little things. I only had 200' of DOM, 14B, smb 350(mock up), and a broken turbo 350 when i started this. The plan. A new project. Need 14 b...
  18. Medsker

    Build Thread 1951 Willys

    So I thought I would start a build thread. The Willys was advertised on KSL as a 1948 but it is actually a 1951 CJ3A. There are several numbers on the Willys I found: Tag: 451-GB1 28496 Engine by Water Pump: 4LR190690 Engine embossed on block: 908756*15, the star is actually one dot in the...
  19. Gravy

    Gravy's 1-Ton Do-All TJ

    So here is my build. The other forum I have it on is kinda dead, and I've had a few people ask, so I thought I put it up here to share. :D This is mostly just a copy and paste, until I can go through and edit it. My goals for this Jeep were keeping the ability to have a back seat and have it be...
  20. Greanbeans

    greanbeans 2 door xj build thread

    So i know im not much of a posting kinda guy or anything but i just moved back to utah last august after being in the military for the last 4 years and i traded my car for my little 2 door on 31s which worked good for what i was doing at the time when i got it. So far its worked great for what i...