build thread

  1. benjy

    Ben and Kami’s TJ Overhaul

    Kami and I have dreamed of building our rig since the day we met. About three years ago, we both sold our jeeps and united funds to buy our TJ and a fuel efficient civic. At the time this jeep was a perfect fit for us, as we were still living in apartments and it was a daily driver. It had D44s...
  2. S

    Spidey's old-new school YJ build from BHR

    I have an 87 YJ. It was the car I learned to drive in and my first vehicle. It has never left me. It originally had a 6" stiff lift,bald bfgs,and a four banger. I had basically given up on the old drive train. A few years back I found a great deal on a motor and tranny, I called novak and they...
  3. Swoop69

    4 Door Jeepster Commando Build

    This is the official Build Thread for my 4 door Jeepster. I have a build thread at the Jeepster Commando Club of America board. I will try to keep both updated.... I picked up my Junkster on saturday after letting it...
  4. STAG

    Jeep Project "YJ Unlimited" Build Thread

    Prologue Well RME... I've decided I'll post my current project (so all you guys can chime in on ideas, suggestions... maybe parts that you have for sale to offer me?) .that has been keepin me busy this winter... It seems to be that this "General 4x4 Discussion" thread seems to be the...
  5. I Lean

    Jeep Willys ground-up build

    So, I've been notified that I'm lazy, and am therefore slacking on posting any pics or info on what I'm doing--so I'll go ahead and start a thread to motivate me to update anything, ever. :ugh: I've been slowly collecting parts for most of this year, but haven't done too terribly much...
  6. lewis

    Project Toyota Tacoma Doublecab

    Thought I would share my current project. I just finished the rear bumper this weekend. Done Trd Supercharger Ipt Valve body upgrade with external cooler and Amsoil fluid Magnaflow muffler, rear oxygen simulator from URD Recaro seats Rear tube bumper Future plans URD fuel kit Tube...
  7. GOAT

    Project "Swollen Goat" gets under way

    I finally went out to the garage and started trimming the brackets off the HP60/70U. I also cut some of the drivers side spring perch off the 60. After hashing it out, I'm going to run coilovers and full hydro in the front. I am going to need 107"-108"wb to run 40s and keep it as...
  8. RockMonkey

    Cheap Cherokee Build

    My goals for the project: I want a moderately capable wheeler, capable of trails on the level of Pritchett Canyon. It needs to seat four, be enclosed (windows, doors, roof), have heating and air conditioning, and have room for a cooler, tool bag, spare parts, etc. I want to build it cheap! I...
  9. spaggyroe

    BIG buggy build - 4 seat - build with pics

    Been working on this for a while now and thought that I'd post some pics. I wanted a big, bulletproof buggy that also had room for friends and family. After wheeling smaller rigs for the past 15 or so years, I was ready for something larger. :D First Bends. :) 1.750" DOM tubing.
  10. K

    CJ Stretch

    I decided to make room for a 5th passenger in my Jeep. I added 10 inches to the frame and body. I got the idea how to do it from Jay5.9L on this board. I started on it around Thanksgiving, but haven’t been able to work on it consistently. My wheelbase is 105” now. I started out with the...
  11. Maverick

    Extreme Scrambler Makeover

    You've all seen the show on TV, well, I couldn't have been more surprised on Feb 2nd when the Jeep version happened to me. Here's how it started...for me anyway.