06 LJ Rubi rebuild


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Don't post often on RME but figured I would make this thread to track progress of my current project and see what you guys think.
I currently drive a stock 04 TJ that I just picked up a few months ago. It is for sale but im not pushing to sell it until the new jeep is ready to drive.
My dad picked up this 06 LJ rubi with 79k earlier this year.

I have always wanted an LJ and now I finally have one.. even though its wrecked.
We picked up this jeep through an auction and the pictures didn't do the damage justice. it was hit hard in the driver side rear corner, bending the frame into the rear floor. the frame kinked really bad right behind the spring perch. The jeep is currently on a frame machine being pulled. the driver side corner needed to be pulled back about 12 inches and right now it has about 5 left to go. The frame is fixable but to make things a little easier, we are going to cut off the rear section of the frame and section in the rear of a TJ frame which will add 5 inches to the wheel base. we already had the TJ frame that was damaged in the front so it worked out good. the rear corner and floor are in pretty bad shape but luckily we have a damaged LJ tub already with a good corner and floor to patch in. OH, and the best part about this is that the title is still clean :D

This LJ will stay either stock or about 2" of lift for right now and serve as my DD/ camping vehicle while I gather parts to go 1 ton. I already have a 14 bolt (thanks rockchucker) and should be picking up a king pin 60 here shortly. Phase 1 of this build is to get it drivable and back to stock but with a 5 inch stretch. Phase 2 will include the axles, coil overs, more stretch, highlines, armor, 42's and a few other goodies but that won't be for probably another 2 years or so. if there is ever a phase 3, it will be engine, tranny and tcase but im fine with what it already has. Phase 2 will include everything I want so I don't have to re-do anything.

I'd like to hear what you guys think or if you have and opinions.

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Man those tires are awesome
haha i know right? my dad has built and sold over 500 cherokee's so we had a few of the stock donuts layin around. we have the stock rubi wheels with 245 bfg all terrains that will go on after she is ready. when those wear our, hopefully I will be ready for some 42 or 44 inch pitbulls.

What is the LJ wheelbase to start with? X2 on the tires!
103.5" iirc
Correct, 103.4 inch wheelbase for the LJ. so after the first stretch it will be 108.4 and then i am aiming for 112-114" wheel base for the final product.

Thanks! you, your dad and brother still need to make a trip to price and ill show you a few trails!


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Man that's a lot of work. I don't believe I ever have seen a Rubi that color.
it is a bit of work but the price was right and we have fixed plenty of TJ's before so it shouldn't be too bad.
and now that you mention it, I don't believe I have seen another white one either.. TJ or LJ


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ah, I lied. I didn't realize that was a rubi to start with.

Must be your lighting then, because the photos didn't look white to me, more like a cream color
yeah, my bad. the pictures are from the frame shop on my cell phone. I'll take better pictures when I remember to take an actual camera


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the LJ is back from the frame machine. the frame still isn't all the way straight although it does look a lot better. we are going to pull the body off, pull on the frame again, and then cut the back half of the frame off and weld in the TJ frame.

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I dub this "project roller-skate"
haha that's not bad! kinda like it


Why straighten the frame to just then cut it off? or am I not following you correctly?
good point. the frame kinked right at the arch (the main reason we are cutting it off) but the frame is also slightly off right at the rear of the stock skid plate. pulling the frame was to straighten that section so it will match up the the rear section of the TJ frame when we are ready to weld them together.


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Sure is nice to have a lift when you're doing that.