For Sale 1"x30" belt sander. SOLD


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
Asking Price
Used - Like New
1"x 30" Central Machinery belt sander / grinder
Includes 4 new extra belts: 2- 120 grit, 2- 40 grit.

Also includes a new in box angle grinding gauge for sharpening knives, axes, etc...
I spent $15 on it.

I've only owned this for about a week, I've modified it for tracking, stiffness and to remove chatter.
So all the work and research into changing the tool from so-so to excellent has been done.
And now it works great!
I've probably used it 5 times total- so nearly new.

This should be a good value with the extra belts, sharpening guage and mods.

$50 oboIMG_20210127_165845.jpgIMG_20210127_165841.jpgIMG_20210127_165836.jpgIMG_20210127_183721.jpg
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