Official 12V Freezer-Fridges - Do they bring the heat?


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👆👆👆👆What he said. Can’t believe Milwaukee hasn’t done that. How sweet would an electric fridge be if it ran on M18 batteries and had the option to be a charging station if you plug it in to a wall or 12 volt?

Milwaukee does have a cooler, but it’s the kind for poor people who have to use ice.
A buddy of mine converted an Edgestar fridge to run off of DeWalt 18v batteries or the 12v from the car. Its pretty cool but looks like something Doc Brown would have thrown together.


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Just thinking forward a ways but do any of the fridges have a Milwaukee Packout type quick release type base? Not necessarily the Milwaukee footprint/lock but something like that that allows for secure storing but quick removal?
There are companies that make packout pieces that you can attach to whatever you want and then they will snap into the packout base.