1992 Land Rover Defender 110


Engine: 200TDI (2.5L Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Intercooled) 113 hp 200 FT/LBS
Transmission LT77 5 speed Manual
Transfercase LT230 High Range Ratio: 1.222 Low Range Ratio: 3.27:1
Axle Gear Ratio: 3.56:1

This is a right hand drive truck that my business partner and I imported from the UK.

Its in excellet mechanical shape and doesn't have any rust issues. The interior, exterior and paint need some work. This is a 5 door, already has a lift and 33" tall tires. New front and rear driveshaft, snorkel, winch bumper and some other odds and ends.
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So the plans are to put in some discovery seats, a rear locker, complete interior redo, LED headlights, 9500 Winch, fix some body damage and maybe a roof rack.

Also: loads of sound deadening. There isn't any interior, and after driving this thing from LA to my house in Layton, I think I only have 50% of my hearing left that I had left originally.
Oh, yeah, all the stupid dog decals are coming off.

The previous owner was a security guard at a nuclear power plant in the UK and used this defender for work. He had a dog he kept in the truck with him in a homemade kennel in the back.


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I love this!
I've been oogling D 110's online lately. Having gone through the import process, would you have any input or advice to others that are looking to do the same?
Since we are bringing a lot of these things into the states now, we got a bond and licensed as importers. It doesn't cost much and you get less scrutiny at the port.

Make sure its 25 years old and has the original engine, otherwise they will crush it.


Depends on how much you want to do yourself. Our base price is around $20K. That generally includes: rust repair, wheels and tires, LED LIght upgrades. Then whatever else you want done, we can do.

They are pretty damn capable as is. The diesels get 27 mpg usually. We averaged 27 mpg from LA to Layton doing 65-75 mph.
That's badass.... 1/3 the cost of a new diesel JL Wrangler. How reliable is the drivetrain in these things? Isn't the body aluminum?


Stupid simple to work on. Pretty reliable, and I can get about anything you can think of to make it however you want it. Plus since they are never going to make these again, they are only appreciating.
Didn't they put some Isuzu 4BD1T's in some of these? If you could find a 110 in good shape with a manual transmission and that engine, I'd be damn tempted.
We've already sold 4 since September.

We have been rebuilding Range Rover Classics for about 4 years and Discoveries. Kind of trying to build a business part time and carefully.

In July we went in to get a SBA so we could start growing this business faster. We've been wanting to get into Defenders for a long time. Luckily we have gotten in at a good time. The ones we can import now, have the best made diesel engines made by Land Rover. The 200 and 300 TDi series of engine are pretty well built, run great and are easily tuned. The older versions of turbo diesel engines are slow and really underpowered.

This is our website if you are interested in looking around. I try not to advertise, and I apologize if it sounds like I'm trying to do so. Utah seems like it is way more interested in Toyota's and we have never sold a single Defender to anyone here in Utah. they go mostly to people in California.


The website is still a work in progress. We usually sell these on Bring a Trailer and eBay. Both have been working great. We have a Utah Dealership License and lots of insurance and bonds for this thing. It has been an adventure getting it set up and legal. I have been very tight lipped about it, because its been hard to get going.

You really have to know what you are looking at when you buy these things. We go to Europe and buy them on the spot. I don't trust ads or ebay to buy them. 90% of the ones we look at are junk. We usually travel for a week looking at them, then purchase 2-3 at a time. We keep a list of other possible trucks so we don't have to go all the time.

Last time we looked at about 20 trucks and have only bought 4 out of those 20. We have another one coming in January. We bought it in September and it has had to sit there until its legal to ship over. the 25 year rule really is stupid.

We bought one on request from a guy. I have to take a deposit before I'll buy it. Atleast the deposit will cover shipping on it.
Didn't they put some Isuzu 4BD1T's in some of these? If you could find a 110 in good shape with a manual transmission and that engine, I'd be damn tempted.
The Austriallian Military used that engine, but generally its a non-turbo. But it could be swapped out. I've found a few Austriallia EX-MOD's in the UK. I haven't purchased them due to the engine. And I'm not sure if customs would freak out. they basically look up the engine number to make sure its a Land Rover engine. If its not a Land Rover engine, they won't let it in.

BUT- you can remove the engine, and ship it all separately. Then it just becomes parts. And the process of importation becomes 50% easier.