1992 Land Rover Defender 110


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Redoing some of the dash and some of the wiring on the gauges. There were wires going everywhere. A little more cleanup and it’ll go back in.

Also got the center dash rebuilt. Hid the headunit and mounted the screen.


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What head unit is that? Have you used it before? Do you like them?


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It’s a joying 10.1.

It does CarPlay and android apps.

It’s a Chinese radio. Cost about $450. They have them on Amazon

Pretty cool radios. Android is the base OS. The “tablet is detachable from the headunit. It uses a cable to connect to the headunit. I hid the headunit in the dash. Then I just unhook the the screen and take it with me if I want it secure.

It comes with a dedicated GPS glonas antenna as well.


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So I haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve been in the UK with my business partner buying a few more defenders.

But I did finally get over the Jet lag last night and finished a few more items up.

Finally fixed up all the doors but one. Speakers and stereo are all installed. The front dash is all fixed and rebuilt.

And I turned up the injection pump for some more power. It kept stalling out on steep hills. It’s much better now but I might turn it up a little more.

Couple pictures.

New infinity component speakers in the front doors. Hooked to the Chinese android stereo. Sounds good.

Plus all the sound proofing we’ve done have cut the noise tons.



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Working on the rear seat mounts. Came out pretty good. Had to tig weld it all because my Hrabor Freight MIG welder finally died after 5 years of hard labor.

A few pictures. Still have to mount the seats. But the paint is still drying.



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That does look awesome.
Did these come with an automatic? Was it something ok or a complete slushbox? My wife can't drive a manual anymore, but if something like this were to be opened up as an option I'd probably have to go that route.