1999 International 4700… Tinyhome?!?😲

Owners Name & City-
Chance, Lahaina, Hawaii

Make, Model & Year of Vehicle-
1999 International 4700

7.3L Navistar Diesel


2WD. I can’t remember what the back axle is called. Front is solid-beam.


Wheels and Tires-
22.5 Steelies. 11r22.5

Likely future upgrade

Favorite Trails-
The backroads to your moms house


As if I didn’t have enough projects… an opportunity arises.

Currently been living in a 2-br apartment, at a fair rent price ($1,460/month, utilities included) but it is just shy of an hour away from work. (Apts closer to work are about $2,500/month)

Not the end of the world there, I’ve lived “an hour” (+/-) away from work for about a decade now. Some of those years I got a company truck to take home though so fuel costs were nil. At this current job I also have the option of taking a work truck home, but the problem is I don’t have room for it at my apartment. Plus I’m sure the neighbors would appreciate not hearing a Diesel engine fire up at 5:00 am in the mornings, and a reverse beeper at night. (Yes I could always just disconnect the beeper) but still, no room.

I’ve got about 6 months left in my apt contract.

The owner of my company has proposed a solution. I buy one of his flatbed trucks and build a tinyhome on the back, and I can stay right there near our work yard for free. Cool with me, there’s power, water and sewer hookups there on the approx 8 acre property.

I actually looked at a lot of tinyhome designs before coming to Maui, but what eventually shyed me away from them was not having property here to put it on. There are properties you can rent here to put a TH on, but even they are about $900/month for the land rent.

So anyways the truck offered to me is a 1999 International 4700. It has a 7.3L Navistar diesel, like what came in the Fords. Even sounds exactly like my dad’s ‘99 F250. The company owner has maintenance records and the truck only has 34k miles on it. Fires right up and runs great.



And some exterior shots. Everything is in pretty decent shape, considering a 23 year old commercial vehicle.


It’s obviously not a build that would be for most people, but I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t expect everyone to understand why I’m doing it, but your situation doesn’t match mine.

Like I said I’ve got about 5-6 months to get it “liveable”. I’ve got a floorplan layout figured out. It will get built more like an RV instead of a traditional tinyhome.

Long term plan will depend on my situation then, when I decide to return to the states. There would definitely be a market here to sell it on Maui, or depending on how much I like it I could ship it back with me and continue having mobile residency on the mainland.


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I drove a ton of those early in my career. Great trucks. How long is the bed?
The one on it now is 16’. Here it is with a 20 container.


Step 1 is removing the flatbed and selling it.

TH will be built to be modular, so if it comes time to upgrade the truck and chassis, I can just “slide” off the TH and slide it on another truck.

I have driven a few IH trucks too for work, and while not known for their top speed, they are reliable fo sho.


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Saw the container and thought you were already done :D

That could be a really cool platform to start with. You could even have the walls drop down or flip up for a patio space. It would be a transformer that turns a tiny space into a less tiny space


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I like it, but don't get too many irons in the fire.
Little by little the things we posses end up possessing us.
I know you love working and YOU are great at it!
Make sure you save some time to meet an island girl and enjoy your free time too.
I get that, but honestly I think the idea of a family is a ship that is sailing.

The irons-in-the-fire thing does have validity. But this is being seen as a long-term investment that I anticipate to actually enjoy. I hated things that came along with owning a house, and renting apts isn’t ideal for my lifestyle and hobbies either.

This will be built more “toyhauler”ish, although due to size limitations I don’t plan the “garage” area to end up any bigger than about 6.75’ wide by 9’ long. Everywhere else will be filled out with “home” amenities.

Build plans include shower, toilet, bed, kitchenette, storage, and hopefully laundry capabilities. Real-estate with those items and an open area and you can imagine things get tricky with layout with a platform this small.

We have a bathroom at our office, so the toilet wouldn’t really be used until I choose to vacate the premises.

Trailer hitch will be retained for towing purposes. That limits my overhang off the rear, but I couldn’t imagine not having a hitch on this.


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This is amazing, can't loose even if you sell it. Your boss seems rad
He’s a good dude.

Part of the reason he is motivated towards this as well is he would like someone at our yard for security peace of mind and also for miscellaneous small errands that I would be able to help out with being so close. Like “hey will you measure this part for me?” Etc

With it being mobile, I have freedom to use our 3-day weekends if I decide to camping. There are a good number of spots that would be great to park something like this and do a little mountain biking or kayaking exploration.


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I get that, but honestly I think the idea of a family is a ship that is sailing.

Dude first of all I just want to address this. You’re an awesome person. I know we’ve only talked a handful times over the years but you’re a genuine person that cares and it’s not as common of a thing these days as you might think. So whatever it is that you think is sailing I hope you change your thoughts man because family can be so much different so many people and I know you have the qualities to be an amazing partner and an life changing influence in somebody’s life. It sucks getting hurt man and time doesn’t heal all wounds sometimes you have to put in effort to make yourself better you have to put in effort to want to move on.

I totally see you loving that life of living in that tiny home. you have your big shop space that you’re leasing. i’m somewhere in the same situation living in a townhome and honestly if I didn’t have my boys I would be living in my van full-time just with a big shop space rented to keep all my stuff.

I’m super stoked to follow this man. And I have a ton of Delta vouchers and miles built up so if you want somebody to come out and help you for a few days get some work done on that house hit me up I’ll fly out for a long weekend and help you bust some stuff out.


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Are there camp trailers on the island? How about just pulling the axles off one of those and dropping it on the bed?
There aren’t. There are quite a few of the truckbed campers though. But haven’t seen a single RV style trailer.

In fact, almost the only trailers here at all are semi trucks. It’s not like Utah where every contractor pulls his tools in an enclosed trailer, or his skidsteer and mini.

Most people just make it work with their truck.

This is my work truck. Haven’t towed a trailer with it since starting here. But I can carry everything with me that I would need on it. And the heavy equipment gets brought by the semi.

Even still, I don’t think I would go the route of a trailer on the bed. That feels like too much of a shortcut that would bring some cons as a tradeoff. Biggest one would be a large overall height.


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I get it. I just meant I think you're a good guy with a good heart that deserves to be happy.
Sometimes being too busy keeps us from being vulnerable or getting hurt. There are some good gals out there and you deserve to be the happiest version of you!
Only you know what balance is right for you.

I'm excited to see where your project goes!


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The rear axle is likely a DANA-IHC N210. Used several of these trucks in a prior business. Most had the DT466, but a few had the T444E. They were pretty reliable from that era.


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Thanks, but I feel it’s more of a realization than anything. I have always tried to be a people-pleaser and my relationships were no different. I’m sure there’s a lid for every pot but lately I’ve been realizing that going “stag” (bah-dum-tiss) isn’t a bad thing, I get to live my life the way that I want and the only person I can let down is myself if I’m not being the best that I can be doing.

Still a people pleaser I guess and I have difficulty saying no even when I don’t want to do something, if it means that someone else will receive help or that I’m helping them in some way.

But after my last relationship I decided to make a change and put myself first, because putting her first still wasn’t ever good enough.