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I'm just going with the general consensus and specs that seem to be close on a few of the lifts mfgs for the capacity range I want and what others have done (spent some time reading across various shop build forums) Gonna do 4.5" - 5", 3,500 psi w/ 12" reinforcement across the whole floor.
5" is what I poured for the entire floor in the garage I built last year. I did not add any extra rebar to the area but I did dig a little bit extra in the area where I am planning on putting the lift so that it is probably about 6" in that vicinity.


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I think BendPak has the most stringent specs for new concrete. If I remember right the footing they want was 12" deeper than the rest of the floor depth at 48" wide and a foot or so past the width of the lift on each side. So yes, a big hole. Then rebar at 8" or something like that. Also I believe it was 4000 psi concrete. I figured there must be some method to their madness so I went with that spec even though I used Atlas.
If funny though because I think their "old concrete" spec is like 3" deep at 3000psi. So if that is good enough, then what they want for new is way overkill.


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I've been planning a shop for a couple years (high prices have pushed me to wait); for the lift, I will probably pour two sections deeper with the rebar deeper to prevent the anchors from hitting it. On a couple of quotes, reducing concrete this way saved a few $. The rest of the floor will be a standard, reinforced 4" thick slab.