For Sale 2006 Jeep 4.0L Engine


But stuck more often.
Asking Price
Used - Good Condition
My engine is up for sale. I’ll be as far as Salt Lake for turkey day and can deliver close to I15. You’ll need a way to unload it from my truck. It’s strapped to a pallet now. No harness or ecu. Ask about any other parts you need.







But stuck more often.
Somewhere between 6000 and 186000, as that’s what the clock shows. I believe it was rebuilt by the previous owner, but not sure. It’s a good running engine.


But stuck more often.
I’m in Mesa Arizona. That probably makes it more difficult, but we could something like fastenal shipping which is usually a pretty good deal. Or maybe one of the uship sites.
I did just start an eBay auction for it. No one has bid yet so I could probably cancel it. Or just make sure you win it at whatever price and I would reimburse you the difference.
I have a video of it running just before I pulled it. I can text it to you, or anyone else.