2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel


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I will likely be putting this up for sale in the next couple of weeks - need funds to build a house. I'll get a For Sale post up, eventually, but go ahead and PM me if you're interested - I'd rather sell this to someone on RME than go through KSL hell.


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Looking at pocking up a 2015 Ram Promaster cargo van with the ecodiesel. It has 84k on it and the dealer pulled the warranty, recall and service contract history on it. It appears to be well maintaned by the records and appearance. My only concern is that It had the catalytic converter, cylinder head and front crank shaft seal replaced in the last 500 miles before being traded in. Anybody gave any knowledge of long term issues surrounding these repairs?


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ED owners (myself included) seem to be worried about engine failures. Seems the majority of them fail under 40k miles. So this one at 84k should be good.

As for the new parts, exhaust parts fail, and are expensive! I'm not sure I'll keep my truck past the 100k warranty for this alone. The head and crank seal I don't think are too common from what I've read. Strictly my opinion, but I think dealers are exaggerating needed repairs big time with these trucks because FCA is not asking many questions. Hinkley Dodge replaced my entire transfer case because of a rear output shaft that "leaked so bad it caused the transfer case to nearly lock up, resulting in poor fuel economy". When I went to pick the truck up I looked at the old t-case. I spun the input shaft easily, by hand, as I watched the output shaft turn. My fuel economy didn't improve either.

Hinkley service is a complete joke by the way. I have a service contract with them for one more oil change. After that they will never see my truck again.