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I know we have a strong moto following on here so I figured I’d post this up.


This bike is a 2016 KTM 50SX. My 9 year old Daughter has outgrown this bike and moved on to a 65. It runs great, has zero issues, zero leaks, needs nothing. You could pick it up today and head straight to your local pasture or even off to a national track for a race. It has lots of upgrades that help it to perform better, be more reliable, and therefore be more enjoyable. The maintenance has been maintained perfectly

-Air Filters changes every day of riding
-Oil gets changed every day of riding and during races every other heat.
-Evans coolant to keep temperatures lower
-Vertex pistons every 20 hours
-Bottom end rebuilt approx. 9 hours ago

This bike was used to race competitive Motocross. I know that some people are apposed to buying race bikes for fear of the bikes being abused. My experience is that buying a race bike is the smartest choice anyone could make! Let me explain myself now. Racing motocross is an extremely sport, but the bike is honestly the cheapest part of the season. The real expenses are traveling out of stare, hotels, gas, food, entry fees, etc.... The worst thing that can happen once your there is to have a bike that doesn’t perform well! So racers are money ahead to replace parts before they fail, before they hit their limit, before normal expectations. As a father of a racer, the worse thing in the world is to have your kid lose a race not because of the riders ability, but because the bike failed. That is shy racers don’t take chances on maintenance, if it starts to wear, we replace it, no questions.

Here is a list of after market upgrades (over $2400 worth) that add to the bikes reliability and overall enjoyment:

Scalvini header pipe $305
Scalvini exhaust silencer $170
IRP Triple grip clutch $550
IRP clutch cover $121
NOST suspension $600
Nihilo silicone radiator hoses $100
Pro taper micro bars $135
Mylers Right radiator
V-force Reeds $150
Nihilo water pump impeller $40
Nihilo kickstart spring $20
Nihilo case saver $35
TMD chain guide
TMD chain sliders $120
Nihilo chain adjuster blocks $50
Nihilo intake spacer $30

Here is a list of the stock parts that I still have:

Throttle tube
Water pump gear/ impeller
Kickstart spring
Chain guide/sliders

Here is a list of all the BRAND NEW extra parts I still have on hand worth approx $400:

50SX, SX mini, SX junior repair manual
Primary drive 10T front sprocket
2,4,5,6 base gaskets
2- Intake gasket
Exhaust o ring
Tusk bar risers
Deck tool
Clutch tool $33
Main jet assortment
Pilot jet assortment
Needle valve
Ignition Stator
Ignition Coil
Spark plug boot
Sprocket bolt set
Sprocket locking nut set
2- swing arm nuts/washers
3-oil plug crush washers
2- brake pad sets
2- output shaft o-ring
Water pump seal
2-output shaft circlip
2-exhaust header o-rings
Clutch needle bearing

Any questions let me know.


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Such a cool little bike! Good luck.