2018 Delta Classic - Debrief


when in doubt, upgrade!
So Jordan, Utah
I am under the impression that the exhibition wasn't a class, but an individual. We were originally planning on running exhibition in the stock class, but after looking at the courses and discussing it with my driver, we decided that we would just run stock. Might as well pay to play.
All exhibition allows is for you to run in the class at half the fee, but with no chance of winning anything. I was planning on running exhibition since he only had about 4 hours of seat time in that truck. Even though his truck didn't quite meet the rules 100%, Rich was kind enough to allow him to run stock. Hopefully we will have some more time in the truck by next year (after his broken arm heals anyway).
Wait Garret broke his arm? I didn't know that! Hopefully not at the event!

He is a great kid with a lot of character and composure. Definitely a fun guy to root for, and well yeah, his dad too :D