2018 Ram Megacab Swiss Army Knife Build with trailer


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So traded my old truck in. Got a good deal on trade in price and a great deal on a new truck.


2018 Ram Megacab 2500 Laramie
6.7L Cummins
Apple Car play is what really sold me to upgrade. LOL
Gooseneck towing prep package
Limited Slip Rear Axle
3.43 gears

Current upgrades:
Wheels: GTX 18x9's
Tires: Patagonia (off brand) Mud Terrain 35x12.5x18
LED Headlight Bulbs
LED Foglight Kit
K&N Air Filter
Midland CB Radio
Roll-up Tonneau Cover
Westin Winch Mount Tray
Smittybilt 15500 XRC Winch
Tow Mirrors
Weather Tech Floor Mats
9" LED Spot Lights
Stubby Radio Antenna

Current miles 6000. After 1.5 months of ownership

Current Picture
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So the future upgrades include:

Rear Locker
Front Winch Bumper

I'm planning on keeping it fairly stock for ride height. I have no intentions for rock crawling in it. I need to keep the gooseneck hitch in the bed clear, so I don't want to do much inside the bed other than a little storage for gas cans, water cans and a tool box. I use this for towing as well. So the in bed gooseneck prep package was a good upgrade when I got the truck.

I'll get some more pictures and show you the trailer that will be built for doing some more desert exploration.


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I picked up the M116A2 military trailer last night. I’ve been looking for one of these for awhile and it popped up on Facebook Marketplace. I ran out to Tooele last night and got it.

I primarily wanted it because it has the new bolt pattern. 8x6.5. So almost any 8 lug wheels will fit it from a dodge or ford. Also getting tires will be easy. The older generation had split rims. The tires are hard to get. And no one wants to work on split rims anymore.

This trailer also has surge brakes. And they work!

It’s also rust free.

So we will be upgrading this as well. C8C4E0A2-668D-4B42-BC28-53EF85C961A3.jpeg90F08D8F-8061-41AD-99B5-2D2789519608.jpeg46ACD320-48D5-412A-A5F9-9D8111CEC69D.jpeg


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My truck is very similar. Did yours come with the larger fuel tank? Mine is only 26 gallon so I added a transfer tank. Love the transfer tank when towing.


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How’s the led headlights do? What brand did you get?
I got AUX Beam. I've heard pretty good things about them. The link below are the bulbs I bought. I have the HID style lights. They are a lot better than the stock bulbs, which were like a dim candle. The fog lights are also awesome. The Low beams are brighter than the high beams. But they have a pretty good flat pattern just like HID's should have. So I have not been flashed at all with them. And since I didn't level the truck yet, they are still aimed correctly.

I bought this kit for the LED foglight converion.



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Picked up some old Chevy wheels with some decent tires. Then painted them.

And touched up the camo look a little. I'm not a professional with camo. I shall have to learn how to do it better. LOL

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It bolts right in. Does not affect anything emission related. It extends farther forward until it almost touches the def tank. You install another bracket that supports the front off the tank. I am also a dealer for Titan. I does hang down a little lower than the factory tank.


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I just bought a 2018 Aisin 3500. Skyjacker leveling coils. Roll up bed cover with in bed Weather Guard toolbox. Fuel wheels and 35 inch bags. Air bags with wireless compressor. Titan tank. I need to install a B&W turnover hitch the it will be done



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So I wasn’t entirely happy with the winch mount. My winch didn’t fit too good in it.

So I looked at AEV bumpers pretty hard. But $2700 was hard to swallow.

Then I saw smittybilt made a decent looking bumper. Looked it in person at 4 wheel parts in Ogden. Looked pretty good on the display.

Then I looked the part number up on Amazon and found it for $970 shipped. I pulled the trigger. It only took two days to get here.

So it took about 6 hours to install. Mainly because I wanted to keep my front parking sensors.

All in all it’s a great fit. I have a lot more clearance. But it does stick out a bit. I guess I can’t have it all. I’ll buy a rear bumper. Once I save up a few pennies.

Here are some pictures.



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Logan, Utah
Not bad. Whats the deal with the odd triangular stainless or aluminum pieces on the front bottom edge? Any plans to paint them black or remove them so they don't stick out so much?


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We drove up Mineral Basin tonight. It was nice.

Found a small snow bank to see if I could get through it. I did going forward just fine. But then reversed through and spun the tires and got stuck. Kind of on purpose.

I bought a set of the new ARB Tred Pros and wanted to see how they working in a snow bank.

Answer. Not so awesome. They didn’t get me out all on their own. But then again I didn’t have a lot of experience with them and probably don’t know how to use them effectively yet.

I was trying to figure it out. But some nice guy cam along and wanted to pull me out. I finally said ok. I stuck the Tred pros under the front tires and with a gentle tug I was free. The mats worked good with a small tug. I shall try them again sometime.

Some pictures.