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Trying to get rid of some clutter. Will be posting some miscellaneous stuff I want to get rid of. Everything located in Eagle Mountain but I can meet you. Will delete items as they sell.

*will trade some cash value for organization products i.e. steel shelves, storage totes etc*

*will also trade value for a good truck battery*

First, a set of nice golf clubs.

OGIO bag
PING G15 10.5° Driver
PING G15 15.5° 3 wood
Taylormade 16° RESCUE
Taylormade Burner Irons in:
5 iron
6 iron
7 iron
8 iron
9 iron
Pitching Wedge
And an Odyssey White Ice putter

Also includes like 100+ tees and like 20 balls in the bag.

On KSL for $300 OBO. How about $250 OBO for RME.


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Today I learned they make bar ends for snowmobiles.
Supposed to help your hands not slip off when sidehilling :) I ruined the one on my brothers old snowmobile so I bought him this replacement, and he wouldn't let me put it on. And I couldn't return it to TriCity.