2019 EJS picture (and story) thread


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Wow. I know accidents happen, but if you have no clue how to drive, you shouldn’t be on the trail.
This! And the person who told him it was a good idea to buy a Jeep should have taken the time to show him the ropes. When you take someone that is inexperienced on the trail they become your responsibility this was an 100% avoidable tragedy.


But stuck more often.
So it was a guy driving, but a lady recovering? Was she in the Jeep or maybe she got ran over?


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I took my 16 yr old great nephew and brother (his grandpa) to Moab this last weekend. Not once did I leave the front passenger seat all weekend. My two boys drove my JKU, whom I trust down there because I have taken the time to train them. My nephew and I discussed all aspects of driving off road and the importance of correct lines, traction, etc, etc. We did Fins and Things and Hells Revenge. A couple of times I had to remind him that its called Rock Crawling for a reason. By the middle of the 1st day, he was picking great lines and doing well but I agree with Jesse, you have to teach someone how to do it.