Wanted 235/75r15 tires


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Decided to lift my Astro, on the search for some 235/75r15 tires, something to use for a while, or long enough at least until I can decide what tire and wheel combo to go with later. Whatcha got?


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I was planning on listing them on KSL for a couple hundred and see what I can get out of them....or if all else fails, recycle the wheels since they're aluminum.


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Should be easy to find some Jeep take-offs with that lug pattern, but they'll probably be 17" wheels.
That was my plan, except trying to find a 16”from an earlier year, but I’ll have to run spacers for sure. Also the Astro center bore is 78mm, I think Jeep is smaller?


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I have these 245’s off my express. All four tires are in excellent condition but one is a different tire. Close enough tread I never noticed till I had them off and stacked. I'll sell them cheap. Like $50