5 Mile Pass - Proposed BLM Fee Area

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Copy and Paste directly from BOAR facebook:

"5 Mile Pass fee update:
As many of you know, the BLM is pushing to make 5 Mile Pass a fee-based area. If you read the documentation, you will find that the estimated cost for improvements is $29,320, yet the BLM feels that they need $600K+ from this area alone.
The petition has garnered a decent number of signatures. https://www.change.org/p/bureau-of-land-management-keep-5-mile-pass-free-to-the-public/dashboard
This has been forwarded to the BLM field office and pushed up the chain to BLM management. HOWEVER...as with anything government-related, it's all about numbers. In addition to the petition, the BLM office has recommended that people fill out the feedback form. They do not make it easy or intuitive to find, so here are instructions to leave your feedback.
Direct link: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/1502537/595/8001599/comment
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The proposed fee is much too high for the estimated costs for improvement. How about better management of your existing funds?

My family and I reject the offer of the proposed fee. We also reject the offer of "supplementary rules for site-specific conditions of use and rules of conduct, and new recreation developments and improvements" unless evidence can be provided that the enforcement of stated "supplementary rules for site-specific conditions of use and rules of conduct" and the development and maintenance of "new recreation developments and improvements" will be paid via existing funds under ownership of the BLM.