63 chevy springs on 1st gen runner

Ok i have read a lot about doing this swap. After all my reading I have not seen anyone do it with anything but stock leads. Which gives it about a 2-3 inch lift. Well if I use 6 inch lift Chevy springs where will that put me on my runner? Do you know anyone that has done this that might know?


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I'm thinking it'll put you WAY too tall. It'll probably also be pretty stiff. I doubt 6" lift springs flex that well. I found that my 63's only gave me about an inch of lift. I had to run blocks under my shackles to make up for more lift. In my opinion, the Dakar, Trail Gear, Allpro, springs do a great job for not a ton of $.
thanks, sold the 6 inch and got me some rear springs off a 2007 1/2 ton chevy. come to find out they are the same as the old chevy springs