68 highboy

I was told I should do a build thread, i have had this project for a looong time, this was my first truck, I took my wife on our first date in this truck, it was my dads truck before me while I was growing up. I decided to do a body swap sometime in 2009, but a bad year in 2010 ( loosing two grandparents, a great grandma, and my father, as well as welcoming a second kid into our family took the wind out of my sail. I did work on it here and there over the years, but it has mainly been a looked over second thought. My kids are now at the age where they are starting to want to do stuff with friends over hanging with mom and dad, and I finally have the ambition to start working on the old girl again. So to keep me motivated and moving on the project I’m starting a build thread.

I’m currently found a high pinion open knuckle Dana 44 swamp, disc brakes and a better turning radius are my two major motivators to make this work.

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Working on a Ford somewhere
Logan ut
Today I took the passenger side apart, replace the four glow plugs and did the shim kit on all 4 injectors, fingers crossed that is start great in the morning. I need good running vehicles so I can have time to work on my 68…..