76 GMC K25 Cleanup/Build


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Since my lady didn't kill me when I brought home yet another project, I'll start a thread for the progress of the truck.

So I was on my way up to Logan to help my buddy get his bronco ready for jeep safari and he called me on the way up asking if I wanted to go check out this truck, it was super cheap and had pretty horrible pictures so we figured we could kill an hour or so just looking at it. Anyways, show up to this old guys house, he tells us he bought it from his neighbors kid in hopes to use the transmission in a different project. Come to find out the truck has been parked for ten years. Has three deep cancer spots and a couple decent dents. I bought with the intent of trying to get it running and if it didn't want to cooperate, I'd part it out. Some ether and a battery later, it runs. Really good. Especially for sitting for so long. It's currently sitting in Logan in my buddy's driveway. Should have it home in a few weeks.119479

Since I am trying to have the taco done at some point in my lifetime, I'd like to get this truck driveable, reliable, and lifted for camping/wheeling adventures for the summer. I'd like to do a couple different phases of the build to, 1) not go broke trying to build two trucks and 2) to be able to not turn into a huge project so I can still use it.

I am starting with a small block 400, th400, 203, 14 bolt and a 44. The interior is rough and not "up to par" for my lady.

Phase 1:
Get all the rodent material out of the truck, general clean the thing up.
3" lift (picked up front springs already), shackle flip in the rear, new shocks
Crossover steering/engine crossmember
Move front axle forward 1"
Get rid of the 203
Selectables hubs for the 44
Extended brake lines
Swap in a big block radiator
Fix exhaust (long tube headers and not glasspacks)

Phase 2:
ORD shackles (front and rear, front shackle mount)
Hydro assist
Fitech throttle body
Diff covers

Phase 3:
Dana 60

Not sure how closely this will be followed. Sure it will change a thousand times. Any advice, input or suggestions are always appreciated.


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Ordered an a 100 amp alternator off summit racing and a shift linkage kit. Traded a 4l80e I had sitting around for a 14 bolt with 4.56's and a posi and bought a Dana 44 with hi steer arms, a lock right locker and 4.10 gears. Plan is to throw a set of 4.56's into the 44 to run 35's. Hoping I can get a bit of a deal at EJS from ORD for the shackle flip and engine cradle. Should have the truck in salt lake next Sunday.


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Price ut
If you don’t find a shackle flip at ejs I have one I’m no longer using and about everything ord makes left over from my last project (I’m moving just got to find it)


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Price ut
Everything I have is lightly used, 52 and 56 in lift springs all with greasable bushings, hi steer, 203 twin stick kit two sizes of rear shackles(never used), steering box mount, on and on the truck I build only made it about 50 miles and got cut up to build a buggy and nothing ended up in the buggy I can make some good deals when you come through price...


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Update: truck runs and drives and from what my buddy said, it runs very good, like too good to be true. Picking it up on Friday, going to change the oil and give it a tune up. Probably hit the junkyard on Friday or Saturday to find some random interior pieces. My buddy has a tailgate for it, just need to order some internals for it. Also apparently the exhaust is very loud, not good loud, definitely a bad loud. Pictures to come.