For Sale - Best Offer 95 Toyota 4Runner SAS 3.0 V6


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"It just needs a little work" - That is what I keep telling my wife... and she's tired of hearing it. This poor girl needs to be driven, but with the kids being older and us being busier we just don't take it out like we used to. I have been asked to get it out of the driveway. I am getting ready to clean out the inside, wash it, and put it on KSL. I'll list it for 3k on KSL, but I thought I'd throw it on here in case any of the RME crew are interested.

It has a 'strong' 3.0 that just won't die. Probably 180ish thousand miles. Stock 4.56 gears, with a set of 5.29 Yukons in a box on the front seat. Some old, hard Goodyear MTR Kevlar 35" tires. TrailGear SAS kit in the front using the 3" HD springs(more on this later), and 2" Cruiser 80 Rear coils (OME I think) from Cruiser Outfitters. John Wood Front driveshaft. Powertrax LockRite Auto locker in the rear. Fresh fuel pump and filter, Oil/filter change, air filter change, brake fluid change.

There are so many 'little' things that should be done to make it 'streetable' again. It runs and drives, but hasn't been registered in 9 years. You could half-@$$ it, and put it on a trailer and go to Moab today and have fun, but to make it enjoyable, you need to do some of the following.

-Rear tailgate window glass brackets need to be replaced. Glass sits ALMOST closed now, but will not effectively roll down or up.
-Front HD leaf needs to come out. Sits a little too tall to be street legal. ( I would put it on 31's to pass it back when we did safety inspections).
-Front shackle bushings are starting to get loose. Should be replaced to tighten it up.
-Front brake line brackets need to be welded in place.
-5.29's should be installed, or tires downsized. Never had a problem off-road, but the 35's on the freeway REALLY suck the power.
-Rear pumpkin seal has a slow drip/leak.
-Fuel quantity sender has been intermittent. I replaced the fuel pump last month, but all that time with no fuel has affected the float.
-Automatic Stereo antenna hasn't worked since I laid it on it's side in Moab.
-4WD dash light does not work.
-Several interior panels removed in the cargo
-Windshield wipers need replaced.
-Driver door mirror not fully attached and should be replaced. (It is secure, but crooked).
-Probably should change the Coolant, Power steering, and T-case fluids. It's been a while.

I'll try to add some old pictures of the glory days, some of which have the smaller tires on. I don't have any current pictures, but you can just imagine it 2013-01-25_12-03-46_750.jpg20140123_152812.jpg20140123_162244.jpgIMAG0511.jpgIMG_6986.jpgP1170990.jpegPhone 134.jpgPhone 1276.jpgPhone 1345.jpgPhone 1346.jpgsitting lonely in the driveway. Sulking.