'96 Isuzu Rodeo - SAS'd


I think you'd really benefit from something like an Currie Anti-rock bar (or something similar, there are other cheaper options), some kind of body roll resistance would really help how comfortable your Rodeo feels offroad. Getting rid of the body lift would be nice, but if the rig was built around it, that may be pretty involved. If you did both, I bet you'd be really happy with how it felt on the trail!

BTW.... I didn't get a chance to tell you, but I really liked your pitman arm guard/skid/protection!
A few questions. Where did you get your bumpers? I looked for them (typed in the name you put) and nothing came up. Running boards? I like the ones you have, they're nice. And thirdly, what kind of door is that? Did you buy it or fashion it yourself?



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The front bumper was a custom itteration of Addicted Offroad's plate bumper. The rear was built for another Rodeo by a small shop that used to be around but is no longer....Other than an ARB, there aren't any real aftermarket bumpers for these trucks....heck, there is really no aftermarket anything.

The doors were made by me. I just took some stock doors and cut them down. I now need to find a way to make a soft top style insert for long trips so i dont need to take full and half doors.
Hey I’m new to this form an also new at customizing my vehicle or working on it. Lol. I’m looking for a front bumper like this. That’s badass. An also your doors you made are awesome. I haven’t done much but replace front end with new ball joints an tie rods. Put some big tires on. That sbiut it. But I’m going for a look like your truck. Where do I go for s custom bunker like that. An how much did that cost you


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Thanks. The bumper was custom fabricated by Addicted Offroad. I don't recall the amount, but I'd guess that now it would run around $1k for a fabricator to make something similar. It really depends on what they charge since it may be piece price or it could be by the hour.

Another option is to check out Addicted Offroad's website and see about modifying one of their production Toyota bumpers. I don't know ehat it would take to fit... it could be as simple as new mounts....but not sure