American Fork Canyon


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I am trying to go play up AF canyon on Saturday. I have never been up that way. How much time should we have? We dont have alot of time is the problem.


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Be ready for lots of side by sides. They were at least 3 time more of them than anything else.

Still fun so just go and see how far you get


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4 wheel mosquito owner here, but I have a new found love and respect for AF Canyon. I honestly avoided that canyon like the plague (and still do when its the weekends) but I always hated the long drive up to the trails on that service road in jeeps, and my fullsize offroad vehicles. With the SXS's, the ride is much smoother. I do not fly up the road, but the ride is so much smoother than anything else I have owned, you can cover ground much quicker as well. I am still just as courteous and respectful as I was in my full size vehicles as well. Mary Ellen's is my new favorite trail up that canyon.



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I’m waiting for Jinx to chime in, and tell you what a scumbag you are
BC, you need to tag me, I almost missed this opportunity! :D Glad to see you around here though. You are missed!

Hey if you slow down to pass and don't gun it when you are almost passed someone to keep from throwing rocks and sand all over someone that was kind enough to let you pass, I don't have a problem with the trail maggots...

But 98 out of 100 of them can't figure that out... :rolleyes: