Any Mtn Bikers on RME?


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Been doing too much with my Ducati’s lately, but just so you know I haven’t forgotten my roots here is my latest project: 1990 Redline Forty-Four with the elevated chainstays. This one got disc tabs, all new cable routing, an internal dropper that drops via the left brifter, a new headtube to fit modern forks and slacken the geometry and red powder coat because it’s a Redline. It’s in full on gravel mode with 650B x 41 tires and a wide range 1x9 drivetrain. Still needs grip tape, decals and a matching powder coated stem. FFF1CF41-83F4-408F-A3B6-0D79DA0036FB.jpeg


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Got to spend the summer in Quebec hitting some of the best MTB parks ive ever been to. Riding MSA is a biblical experience for anyone following DH racing. I cant recommend these parks enough to anyone thinking about traveling outside of the USA. The Quebecois are no joke when it comes to riding bikes and building some gnarly lines.


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