Anybody here use Pluto TV on a PS3?


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Almost a year ago, I finally dumped DirecTV. To replace it, I built my own antenna (for $4). I also bought a rudimentary DVR for $30 along with a $50 external HDD for storage. Now I have no monthly television bill at all, which I like. It also means I have few options when I do want to watch something, but at least that helps me spend less time in front of the TV.

Last weekend, my brother-in-law introduced me to Pluto TV (which he watches via his Roku). This is a streaming service, but one with no monthly bill--it is completely free. Yes, there are commercials in the programs, but I can deal with that when I am not required to pay anything. Pluto has dozens and dozens of channels, many of which have pretty specific focus. As soon as I saw that there was a channel dedicated to MST3K and another one dedicated to RiffTrax, I was in.

I don't have a Roku. However, I do have a PS3. Pluto has a free app for the PS3, so I installed it Sunday night. Now it is up and running. However, I have problems. The Pluto app crashes. I'll be watching a program and every so often--typically within 20 minutes--the app spontaneously closes and returns me to the PS3 "home" screen. Worse, sometimes the video stream freezes (as if I had hit pause) and locks up the entire PS3; the only way to recover is to manually shut down the PS3, then turn it back on.

Needless to say, this is not helping me enjoy this experience. My brother-in-law's Roku never exhibited any of this ill behavior. This has me wondering: is Pluto's PS3 app total crap? Or is there something with my specific configuration that is cursing me?

Thus the question: does anybody else here stream Pluto TV on a PS3? If so, how does it work for you? And if you don't stream it but you do have a PS3, wanna install a free app and try it out so you can give me your feedback? ;)

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I don't have any experience with PS3 but have you made sure your PS3 is fully updated?


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Sounds just like a PS3 issue I had with a game on the newer slimmer but less capacity PS3 that I picked up a while back. It would Lock up just like that though, every 20 to 40 minutes, especially if a lot of progress was done in game, which would all be lost back to the last successful save. So I checked a bunch of forums and sure enough everybody complains about it online with that particular game, and related sounding issues with other games. The fixes and updates were only working for those with the big older full capacity models, us "slimmers" were sol or buying PS4s. I might have to give Pluto a try, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have the same issue.