Anyone have a shop up north for driveshaft work ?


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Willard, UT
Anyone have a good place up near Ogden or Brigham area for Driveline work ?

NOT Six states , lol. At least the one up in Ogden.
I have had 2 sour deals there and wont be going back.

I picked up a new to me Chevy Silverado Dually to be my new towrig and its got a pretty bad vibration that I tracked down to a completely wasted carrier bearing. By tracked down I mean kinda glanced at it and could see the rubber parts hanging out and when touched it has like 1" of movement..LOL

Figured I might as well have 3 new u-joints installed as well as the current ones look stock and its got 100k on it.

Ever since Cloyd in Ogden passed I havent had anywhere up here to use for driveline mods and repair.
On all the projects Ive just been having Woods build me new ones but this one is a super long 2 piece deal so it just needs some love to get this truck back on the road.